• African capitals quiz

    African Capitals Quiz 1

    The continent of Africa is the second-largest and the second most crowded continent. This African capitals quiz will challenge you to test how much you know about the capitals of the beautiful African countries. Solve [...]
  • stay fit while traveling

    Stay Fit While Traveling

    Keeping up your fitness while you travel can be difficult to prioritize. Trust me, I get it. When you are traveling, you drink more alcohol and/or eat food that is new to your body. Of [...]
  • visit Svalbard

    Visit Svalbard for the Arctic Wonders

    When you arrive in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, you will be mesmerized by jaw-dropping landscapes. Svalbard offers views that are unlike anything you have seen before. Get your camera ready because everywhere you look resembles a painting [...]

    5 Best Art Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is one of the must-visit cities for most travelers. The city offers amazing museums for people who want to enjoy art during their visit. I always search for famous museums in a city before [...]
  • must-see spots in South Iceland

    7 Must-See Spots in South Iceland

    In April 2019 I was lucky enough to travel to South Iceland. For all the adventurers out there, here is a list of 7 must-see spots in South Iceland and the golden circle. Enjoy my [...]
  • the best beers in Europe

    The Best Beers in Europe

    Are you in Europe? Or do you have a plan to go to? If you are a taste of beer hunter, you are in the right place at the right time! Here, there are the [...]
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