1 – 7 February Travel News: Six Flags Qiddiya

six flags qiddiya

After two weeks break, we are back to the travel news from all around the world in the shadow of the pandemic. Besides the Covid-19, improvements did not stop completely but continue slowly. In this week’s news, you can read about the new attempts in attraction sites from Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia to Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition in the US, new regulations, and many more. We wish you hope for good days!

Six Flags Qiddiya: A Record-Breaking Roller Coaster in Saudi Arabia

Falcon’s Flight, which is the roller coaster, is in the Six Flags Qiddiya will open in Saudi Arabia. The theme park is located about 40 minutes from the capital, Riyadh. It will be the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world in 2023. Also, it has the longest track length.

Falcon’s Flight will make 155 miles per hour. At one time 20 passengers can use the roller coaster and the ride will last three minutes. Qiddiya Investment Company cooperated with Six Flags to maintain the project.

Red Light District in Amsterdam Will Be Moved into a Purpose-Built Center

As we mentioned in one of our news, Amsterdam is planning to solve its problems in the city center due to tourism activities. The Red Light District is one of the popular destinations of tourists in the heart of the city. But according to the new arrangements, the erotic center will be outside of the city.

Red Light District in Amsterdam Will Be Moved into a Purpose-Built Center

Amsterdam’s mayor explains her purpose as she wants to create a safe environment for sex workers. But according to Red Light United 90% of female sex workers do not want to move to a new place.

The Multi-sensory Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition is Opened in the USA

Vincent Van Gogh’s exhibition is now in Salvador Dalí Museum, Florida. The exhibition was in Europe, Australia, and Asia before. It is the first US museum to host an exhibition of this size, according to organizers. The exhibition is also very important for the future of digital exhibitions.

Close to 3000 moving images illuminate Vincent Van Gogh’s vivid brushstrokes in larger-than-life scenes through ceiling digital projection. With its attributes, it gives tourists the ability to effectively move into the famous paintings of the Dutch artist.

WTTC Recommends to Focus on High-Risk Travellers, not High-Risk Countries

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the representative of the global Travel & Tourism private sector. They say that to revive international business and leisure travel, governments worldwide should redefine their entire approach to risk assessment.

WTTC Recommends to Focus on High-Risk Travellers, not High-Risk Countries

Combined with a shared international agreement on risk assessment metrics and a laser-like emphasis on a cost-effective, comprehensive, and rapid departure and arrival testing framework for all travelers, the meaningful return of travel could pave the way forward.

Bonus: Move to This Small Mississippi City and Gain $6,000

In recent years, governments are trying to attract people to move to their small towns. Examples in the USA and Italy can be seen precisely before. Now a new attempt in Natchez, Mississippi is made.

Now, a recent program gives remote employees an incentive package worth up to $6,000. And the package will cover moving costs and assist with the cost of living for the first year in Natchez, Mississippi.

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