1 – 7 March Travel News: World’s First Space Hotel

world's first space hotel

Technology continues to surprise us all with an acceleration. Surprising announcements about many developments in space and technology industry came consecutively this week. And there were strong signals that nothing would ever be the same anymore. I can assure you that you will be surprised when you read this week’s space and technology news! Let’s start with the world’s first space hotel coming in 2027 in Voyager Station.

World’s First Space Hotel Will Be Open in 2027

Thanks to Orbital Assembly Corporation, space tourism will not be a dream after the opening of the world’s first luxury space hotel; Voyager Station. The hotel will include a restaurant, bar, gymnasium, and an entertainment center like a usual hotel. . Up to 400 guests could accommodate in the hotel, without any astronautical education.

The construction will start in 2025 and finish in 2027. With the help of the circle shape of the hotel, it will rotate around the world every 90 minutes. And the gravity in the hotel will like the moon, there will be no zero-gravity space for protecting the guests. Making reservations is possible from now!

Hologram Meetings Become Real with Microsoft

Microsoft has brought to life the hologram talks we all see and dream of in movies. The new product, Microsoft Mesh, is the “new mixed-reality platform” powered by Azur. With the cloud computing program of Microsoft, sharing hologramic experiences with every type of device will be possible!

Video conference technology will reach a very different dimension from now on. And this program allows us to realize business meetings, concerts, family dinners. Also, Microsoft Mesh can be very useful for education especially in engineering and medical paths.

Elon Musk is Creating a New City in Texas

Elon Musk, Starbase Tweet

Starbase, the new city, will be around the rocket launch site of SpaceX. This new city will be much bigger than Boca Chica where is the place the Starship rocket is built and the launch site for SpaceX. Elon Musk announced the news from his Twitter account. Additional information is waiting in the future.

Volvo will Become a Fully Electric Car Company by The Year 2030

Luckily, the awareness and concerns about climate change are increasing around the world. Most of the cars generate from foil oil but we have to transform it into electricity. To solve this problem, electric-powered vehicles will be industry leaders in the future. So in this path, Volvo took a big step and decided to be an electric-only car maker by 2030.

Gasoline-powered vehicles generate carbon dioxide and carbon footprint which harm the environment. To be a game-changer in the sector, Volvo works with the motto ”The future is clean” to provide smart mobility. And the company released its first electric car in 2020 and plans to generate various models of electric cars in the future.

Bonus: Win a Free Trip for Two to Ireland

Ireland costal

We all know about the legendary Willy Wonka and her golden tickets. This year, because of the cancellation of St. Patrick’s Day’s celebrations, Colorado-based Breckenridge Brewery organizes a competition. This time you have to search for golden beer!

Thanks for reading! Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and let us know your plans to visit the new tourist attractions this year!

See you next week with more travel news!

Written by Fatma Say


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