10 – 16 May Travel News: US Lifting Mask Restrictions

US Lifting mask restrictions

Welcome to this week’s travel news! We have good news, especially from the US. Their undeniable success in vaccination and controlling the cases gives us hope for the future. Thanks to that the US is lifting mask restrictions in some circumstances. Also, unfortunately, there are countries like India that are far from the escape. In the next months, we will all see what happens about pandemic conditions. I wish you a joyful week and do not forget to open your notifications for Travelinsightpedia posts!

California Airport Is Now Offering Covid-19 Vaccine

This week, John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California became the next one-of-a-kind location to distribute COVID-19 shots. The Fly Well Clinic located in post-security allows travelers to acquire the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine by an appointment or just walk-in. Also, they have a Covid-19 testing clinic.

covid test

In addition to vaccination, the Fly Well Clinic provides urgent care, telemedicine consultations, essential oil aromatherapy, and even a free virtual reality experience to relieve travel-related stress. And authorities are predicting that this airport vaccination and rapid testing will be in the major airports across the US.

Future Employees in Delta Airlines Will Be Fully Vaccinated

As we all started to predict, vaccination status starting to become like a visa for entering small places or in the future more than that. But Delta Airlines took a big step in this regard. The company will require all prospective employees to get vaccinated before joining the airline, according to CEO Ed Bastian, who spoke to CNN on Friday.

delta airlines

”For example, you probably will not be able to fly an international flight if you are not vaccinated because it’s going to be mandated by local authorities in order to get into the country,” Bastian said. The vaccination status is not for the current employees, according to him, since such a policy would be unjust. However, they may face penalties, he added.

CDC Relaxing the Mask Restrictions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US eased wearing mask rules on outdoor and shore excursions as initial attempts for lifting mask restrictions. But the restrictions and prohibitions on cruise ships are almost unchanged, even if 100% of passengers are vaccinated.  The rules are as follows; vaccinated passengers do not need to wear a mask outside except in crowded places, but unvaccinated passengers must wear a mask as soon as they have finished their meals or drinks and while sunbathing.

US Lifting mask restrictions

The ban on independent exploration, which was formerly a must, is now a recommendation, regardless of whether passengers’ vaccination status. It is also recommended that all passengers and crew members should wear masks indoors, although they are vaccinated. CDC recommends that unvaccinated passengers pay attention to social distance and wearing masks.

Shanghai is Selected As The Most Expensive City

The three most expensive cities in the world are Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong. We can consider the reason Shanghai is the most expensive city as a six percent increase in prices of goods and services compared to last year. In addition, business class flight prices in the city increased by 82%, and hotel suites increased by 15%.


The fact that the top three most expensive cities are in the Asian continent is attributed to the recovery from coronavirus pandemic and the stability of foreign currency and prices. Besides these, Johannesburg was chosen as the most luxurious and affordable city, and America was chosen as the region that best suits the luxury lifestyle.

A New Legoland in New York is Coming

Northeast’s first new theme park is coming, Legoland in New York. Legoland, which will open this summer, plans to open up its fields gradually. When the park opens, those who earn the first right to visit will be long-awaited. These people will be the recipients of the game cards on July 4th. Due to Covid 19, mask and social distance rules will be very important.

At the entrance, a huge dinosaur made of 182000 Lego and Duplo bricks will greet the visitors. Apart from this, there will be a Lego castle, a path made of Lego trees, colorful panda zebra, Lego deer foxes, Lego ostrich. Those who wonder how to make these can learn how to make such fun Legos in the Lego workshop. For those who plan to go, ticket sales will be online. For those who want to stay nearby, there is a Legoland hotel with 250 rooms. The full-day price for adults is $ 79.99, for children it is $ 69.99. There is also a $ 279.99 ticket package that allows 30 entries.

Bonus: If You Are A New Graduate You Can Win A Trip To Greece

Greece panaroma view

Contiki, a tour company offers a nine-day trip to the most exclusive places across Greece. This trip will be for high school and college graduates. You can go on this trip by paying the fee but also for free. If you want to attend the competition for a free trip, you should upload a TikTok video about your desire for this trip using the #ContikiPromposal hashtag.

We would like to specially thanks Duygu Aytaç for her contributions to this week’s travel news!

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