12 – 18 April Travel News: Nepal Rhinos Numbers Rise

nepal rhinos

Welcome to this week’s travel news! As followers of the tourism industry and destination news, we are overwhelmed with news affected by Covid-19, vaccine policies, etc. That’s why, in this week’s news, we include developments and innovations in the world outside of the pandemic. I hope you enjoy them! There is also one good news about the wildlife. Although we are quite upset that there are many travel restrictions around the globe, it sometimes has good effects on the planet. The fact that the numbers of rhinos in Nepal are increasing is one of these good effects of the pandemic on the wildlife.

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The Increasing Number of Unicorn Rhinos in Nepal

While there were 645 unicorn rhinos in 2015 in Nepal, this number reached 752 in 2021. While normally the census is done every 5 years, it has been delayed for a year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Nepal officials think the coronavirus affects animals positively. The reason for this is that the animals live freely and comfortably in their habitats without tourists.

Nepal took measures to increase the number of rhinos and protect them from poachers. In fact, the rate of increase in the number of rhinos between 2011 and 2015 decreased from 5% to 3% for 2015 and 2021, experts think this was due to old age, territorial fights, drowning in floods. The fact that the number of rhinos has increased by more than 100 in the last 6 years is a success on behalf of Nepal despite the proportional decrease. 

SpaceX will Launch 4 Astronauts to the ISS – Watch it online

SpaceX is getting ready to send astronauts to International Space Station (ISS) for the third time since May last year. This time for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP), 4 astronauts will fulfill the Crew-2 Mission. The astronauts will be from NASA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and European Space Agency (ESA). They will fly in the Endeavour capsule and will be in the ISS for 6 months of scientific research.

Crew-2 Mission Astronauts

And most importantly, the entire flight can be watched live and online. The flight will be at 6:11 a.m. EDT (10:11 UTC) on April 22. And in Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex. If you are in Florida, you can watch it watch from off-site viewpoints because there is no ticket left. But also online from NASA TV, the agency’s youtube channel, and social media platforms.

New Sleeper Trains will be Available Across the Europe

In 2022, a new sleeper train will connect Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels. This will add a network of planned and existing routes that connect cities throughout Europe. The trains will also have internet access, breakfast, coffee, and other services. 

new sleeper train

There are also other projects for increasing the train routes across the next four years. There will be a night service between Vienna and Paris via Munich by December 2021, train between Zurich and Rome by December 2022, and night trains between Zurich and Barcelona from December 2024.

The First Cinema Hotel Opened in Paris

If you are a cinema enthusiast, it will be no doubt that you want to go to this hotel immediately. Last month, the first cinema-connected hotel opened in Paris. The Hotel Paradiso has 36 rooms designed as semi cinema and semi hotel. The hotel creators’ first aim is to create a lifestyle around culture and cinema.

first cinema hotel

The hotel also has hallways with shelves, a ”Loge” for feeling more the cinema, a small lawn and many more. With just swipes of a tablet, the room goes dark and a nine-foot-wide projection screen descends from the ceiling. Voila, your hotel room becomes a cinema saloon!

A New Statue of Jesus in Brazil Taller Than the Old One

When it comes to Brazil icons, the first thing approximately we all think is the Christ the Reedemer statue known as Jesus statue. It is in the mountains of Rio de Janerio in all its majesty. But by the end of this year, the new statue Christo Encantado dethrone it. It will be the third-largest Jesus Christ statue on the planet.

new Jesus statue

Last Tuesday, the Christo Encantado statue’s arms and head being put into position. It is in the small town of Encantado, in a huge valley. There will be an elevator and a glass opening that will offer an amazing view. If you want to donate for the construction, Associação Amigos de Cristo (Friends of Christ Association) is building it.

Thanks for reading! Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments. See you next week with more travel news!

We would like to specially thanks Duygu Aytaç for her contributions to this week’s travel news!

Written by Fatma Say


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