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As we are so close to the holiday season, the global Covid-19 reports are not that bright to start global travel safely. But the organizations are collaborating with the governments and the companies trying to find solutions in different aspects. In this week’s series, you will be able to see current travel news across the world as well as the new startups such as Zoox and data.

Italy Cancelled All Travel From UK

A few days ago England announced that they found a new type of coronavirus. The new type is about 70% more contagious than the current one. Other European countries previously imposed a travel ban on the UK. On December 20, Italy became the last European country to introduce this ban.

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UK health secretary said that the new epidemic was out of control, in his interview with BBC. He stated that in order to improve the situation of England, they must vaccinate people. In this way, they can return to their previous state but at an unforeseen time.

Will Zoox, the Self-driving Startup Can Change the Future of Taxis?

Zoox, the Amazon-owned startup adds a new dimension to the taxi industry. These taxis, which will be accessible with an app, will be implemented first in some cities in America. These robot taxis can operate for 16 hours on a single charge. And up to 4 people can use these taxis at the same time.

The executives of Zoox stated that they have been working on this autonomous passenger vehicle since 2014. Finally, the cars passed the FMVSS crash tests which is the important test wanted by U.S. regulators. Also, the company announced that they can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 cars per year.

Russian Airline Will Allocate Seats For Passengers Who Do Not Want To Wear Masks

Russia’s largest airline made it mandatory for all passengers to wear a mask on flights. However, the spokeswoman for the airline stated that it is not always possible to apply this rule. And those who do not obey the rules cannot be thrown from the plane during the flight. They want to avoid such problems and protect the health of other passengers. So they declared that there will be specific seats for the passengers who do not willing to wear masks.

In addition, we see that passengers who do not want to wear a mask become a global travel problem. Although the accuracy of the new application to be implemented by this company is discussed, it draws our attention to the different solutions they bring to this problem.

WTTC and World Economic Forum Fortify the Partnership to Promote Sustainable Tourism

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and The World Economic Forum will collaborate on defining the future of global travel. This partnership laid the foundation for many projects, such as developing innovative and sustainable projects in the field of travel to make the travel industry safe and attractive.

The organizations are planning to collaborate on providing support to events, by creating informative channels and many more. The first step is the attendance of WTTC to CommonTrust Network for creating a safe environment for traveling. We are sure that from now on, these two organizations will take a step towards many important works.

30 Million People Started Learning A New Language in 2020

Long coronavirus quarantines pushed people to pursue hobbies where they can improve themselves without leaving home. Learning foreign languages ​​was one of the most preferred ones. According to the report announced by Duolingo which is a language app, 30 million people have taken a new language learning step in 2020.

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