15 – 21 March News: Spain 4 Day Work Week

spain 4 day work week

As the world continues its war with the pandemic, other problems come to the fore again and changes are being made. In this week’s travel news there are attempts for more sustainable and happy lives and also for drawing attention to disadvantaged groups. Also, Spain 4 day work week trial will start soon! Could it be a pioneering implementation for other countries as well? I hope you enjoy your week!

Spain 4 Day Work Week Will Be On a Testing

As we all know, Spain is a country famous for its siesta. They took these traditions one step further and decided to pilot the 4-day-a-week working system that many employees dream of. The small leftwing Spanish party Más País told that the government accepted the proposal.

“With these figures, we calculate that we could have around 200 companies participate, with a total of anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 workers,” said Héctor Tejero of Más País. “The only red lines are that we want to see a true reduction of working hours and no loss of salary or jobs.”

A Floating Eco-hotel will Built-in Qatar

The eco-floating hotel can generate electricity via solar, wind, and tidal energy by spinning and its other features. The hotel will have 152 rooms and zero waste will its first principle. The vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella of the hotel like on the vertical plane will help for spinning. It also has a mini-golf course, helipad, swimming pools just like other hotels.

Floating Eco-hotel

HAADS, the designer studio of the hotel, says the hotel will generate 25 kW of energy from each of the 55 VAWTAU modules. The hotel has rainwater harvesting as well. With the help of the vortex-inspired roof, the rainwater will be collected and this water is usable for the gardening issues of the hotel. Also for the clean water, purifying technology of the seawater and wastewater will be used.

Have a Look at This Exhibit Dedicated to LGBTQ+ Seniors

Although the number of people who look at LGBTQ+ individuals with bad eyes increases with each passing day, it is not possible to forget what happened before. The exhibition ”Not Another Second” is dedicated to people who fight ”lost years of not being their authentic selves fully and not being able to openly love who they choose.”

Official Film of the Exhibition

A collaboration between non-profit SAGE, Watermark Retirement Communities, and Brooklyn’s senior community, the exhibition reflects 12 LGBTQ+ seniors’ private life. A politician, military veterans, a Stonewall participant, and Black Panther are some of them. Through a series of portraits, the lives are illustrated.

Old Airship Hangar Became a Tropical Island in Germany

Tropical Islands Resort is the world’s largest blimp hanger, which was firstly for holding zeppelins, in Germany. It is located exactly 56 km far from Berlin. It has artificial sunlight, a sandy beach, and 6,000 guests capacity at a time. With these features, it is the largest tropical resort in Europe.

The resort plays sunsets on video screens for a better experience for the guests. This hotel has the features of exotic life; warm weather, and forests. Tropical Islands Resort representative says that the majority of the tourists are from Germany but the other cold temperatures countries are also the guests of the hotel.

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