15 – 21 November Travel News: World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

world's tallest climbing wall

Hello, everyone from the 3rd week of November! While the winter has started to show itself in many countries, unfortunately, we have started to take the news of the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and quarantine measures. Although these people have reservations about travel, I tried to compile travel news for you. Also, there is news about the upcoming world’s tallest climbing wall in Copenhagen with different purposes of usage!

Qatar Airways Offers 2022 FIFA World Cup Packages

Qatar Airways Holidays has unveiled a number of fan travel packages with little over a year till the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 begins underway. The packages include match tickets, round-trip airfare, and lodging options. Fans who join the Qatar Airways Privilege Club will have access to exclusive travel packages with flexible booking options as well as seats reserved for their favorite matches.

By combining multiple packages, any fan can book a total of seven matches. Similarly, fans can choose how many people will be traveling with them and how many rooms they would want to stay in. Depending on their budget, they can select from standard to luxurious accommodations.

World’s Tallest Climbing Wall Is Opening In Copenhagen

CopenHill, an outdoor recreation site built on top of a clean power plant in Copenhagen. They are planning to open a 279-foot artificial climbing wall, which it claims will be the world’s tallest. There is a feature of it for adventure lovers: the higher you rise, the more difficult it becomes. But you must be at least 18 years old and have the necessary credentials.

For instance, year-round skiing, tobogganing, running, hiking, and a variety of après-ski activities are currently available at CopenHill. It debuted in 2019 on top of the Amager Bakke power plant. It is regarded as the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy facility. The facility has the capacity to power 50,000 houses per year.

Austria Will Re-enter a Full COVID Lockdown

Austria announced on Friday that it will go into complete lockdown. With this move, it becomes the first Western European country to do so in the wake of mounting Covid-19 infections. More importantly, it will force its whole population to get the vaccine by early next year.

Vienna street

According to Reuters, the lockdown will begin on Monday and will last for up to 20 days. The decision comes as the number of cases in the country rises, with a seven-day average of almost 1,000 infections per 100,000 people.

Sharks Found in River Thames After 64 Years

Three shark breeds were discovered and prospering in the murky waters of the River Thames 64 years after it was declared ‘biologically dead’. The Zoological Society of London’s Alison Debney sees this as a positive step forward and a foundation on which to build in the future.

London river view

One of the sharks was the highly endangered tope shark. It can grow to 6ft long and is known for its powerful swimming and particularly hostile presence. The hound shark, which is between 37 to 220 centimeters in length, has also been spotted in the waters. Spurdog sharks are notorious for being very poisonous, and while their poison does not kill, it does cause severe discomfort and swelling.

Bonus: Winn A Trip Across Europe Christmas Markets

As Christmas Market Testers, Premier Inn is looking for five merrymakers to sip mulled wine and enjoy the festivities. The task of the lucky recipients will be visiting seasonal markets in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. And then submitting images and stories from their visits. To enter, go to the Premiert in website and describe your most recent visit to a Christmas market and what you liked best about it.

Christmas Market

Premier Inn will cover travel expenses and hotel accommodations. Moreover, it will provide cash to each chosen tester and a friend to spend at the markets they visit. And breakfast will be provided at all of the hotels by the hotel chain! Don’t wait to apply; the deadline is November 28.

Thanks for reading! Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments. See you next week with more travel news!

Written by Fatma Say


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