16 – 30 November Travel News: New Travel Systems and Solutions

new travel systems

Tourism professionals and governments are searching for a way out to keep the tourism sector alive by finding new travel systems and solutions or alternatives in their own way. The global covid-19 pandemic has severely damaged the tourism industry, but now the industry must find a way out with new travel systems solutions. While the private sector turns towards individual solutions to reduce its losses, governments and international organizations are working on creating standard systems to be used worldwide. We hope that the ideas spoken about or realized will enable us to travel as soon as possible.

IATA Travel Pass

As the world is seeking new travel systems and solutions in tourism and especially in the airlİne sector, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reached the last phase for a digital health pass. The IATA Travel Pass will manage the safe flow between governments, airlines, laboratories, and travelers of required testing or vaccine details. In this way, safe travel will be paved, and there will be a continuous inspection.

IATA travel pass
The overview of the IATA Travel Pass

QR Code-based Global Travel System in China

The Chinese government wants to switch to a QR code system where travelers’ health information is available. To be more precise, according to “health certificates based on nucleic acid test results” make passengers travel safely. Speaking at the G20 summit, Mr. Xi invited the world countries to gather on this idea. Although it is not known how countries will approach this idea, it is a fact that trust in China decreases at the end of the pandemic process.

new travel systems

First Airport in Europe to Have Covid-tested Corridors

The corridors to be implemented at the Fiumicino airport in Italy will enable travelers coming from the USA to enter Europe without being in quarantine. From this interval, future passengers will be able to enter Europe with the test results they have done 48 hours before their travels and the antigenic test performed at the Fiumicino airport. Putting the health of the citizens in order, the authorities aim to reduce the borders a little thanks to this carefully prepared system. This system is one of the essential steps taken toward normalization. Also, don’t forget to check some essential travel tips during the corona pandemic that you can apply until the normalization steps show their effects.

Fiumicino Airport, Roma
Fiumicino will be the first airport in Europe to activate “Covid-tested” safe air corridors, on flights coming from US.

British Airways Sells Its Items

For some of us, it is a passion to travel and experience something specific to air travel. British Airways also thought about this and tried to give its customers a little bit of pleasure during the pandemic. Food plates, cabin products, and more offered to customers for a feel of air travel. Also, the items from the retired airplane Boejing 747, is available for sale. It has been an application that helps us to live the spirit of travel, albeit a little, these days when we cannot travel.

British Airways sells its items
Crockery and champagne flutes are among the items on sale

Bonus: 2020 World Travel Awards

The world’s most prestigious tourism awards, World Travel Awards found its owners on 27 November. The ceremony held in Moscow which was nominated as the World’s Leading City Destination in 2019. If we look at the history of the award, the awards are presenting in 7 different categories since 1993. You can check the World winners of the 27th World Travel Awards via the link.

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