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17 – 23 May Travel News: It’s Time to Re-open for Europe

re-open for europe

Do you want to travel to Europe this summer? Well, it’s time to re-open for Europe! Senior European Union officials reached an agreement to travel freely once again throughout all 27 member states. Also, policymakers are in work for a white-list for non-EU countries with low infection rates. Let’s hope the vaccination process becomes faster and wish everybody can enjoy a “covidless” summer soon. In addition to that, I summed up the other interesting travel news for you from all over the world. I hope you enjoy this week’s travel news. Wishing you a healthy and happy week!

The collapse of Darwin’s arch in the Galapagos Islands

re-open for europe

Darwin’s Arch is one of the most beautiful photo-taking places for tourists visiting the Galapagos Islands, which lost its arch shape due to natural erosion. This collapse took place in front of tourists in the Pacific Ocean in the morning on Monday. Darwin’s arch, which takes its name from Darwin, is now being called Darwin’s columns. Galapagos is among the magnificent natural wonders, especially for divers. Another distinctive feature of the Galapagos is that it is a symbol of evolution and change, so even though we lose this architecture, this loss reminds us to protect the power of nature and nature.

Spain opens its doors to vaccinated Americans

re-open for europe

Spain has announced that it will open its doors to U.S citizens who had a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine as of June 7. American tourists must show proof of vaccination, such as a vaccination certificate or a vaccination card. For the ages of 6 to 17 children who are not vaccinated in the same family, there are also some conditions; they must have a negative PCR test performed at least 72 hours before arrival. There is no requirement for children under 6 years old. Before leaving, travelers must complete an online health questionnaire.

EU citizens can travel to European countries with a vaccination certificate

European Union is preparing to take the first step to get the Schengen region back on track. For many Europeans, traveling in Europe is about to become easier. From 1 July, EU citizens are scheduled to travel using the COVID-19 certificates based on the QR code. Thanks to this QR code, EU citizens will be able to travel comfortably to 27 countries and have a nice summer vacation.

re-open for europe

In the certificate, information on whether the person is vaccinated, the result of the PCR test, or recently had a corona and natural immunity will be accessible. This certificate can be shown on a smartphone or on paper. EU citizens will not be subjected to additional quarantine or testing unless local governments take additional measures. Although the Spanish administration makes a decision, U.S citizens are wondering whether they will go to Europe.

A carbon-neutral tour off at Húsavík

A carbon-neutral tour company in the north of Iceland in Húsavík offers an immersive experience in the middle of mother nature with whales. The reasons for choosing this tour are they offer the opportunity to observe living creatures up close with a silent electric boat. This tour is the invention of a whale-watching company called North Sailing. North Sailing is a nature-friendly organization that seeks to benefit whales and the environment instead of profit margins. Humpback whales, minkes, white-billed dolphins, and harbor pigs will accompany you on this tour. If you’re lucky enough, you can also spot blue whales, orcas, pilot whales, and sperm whales.

jumping humpback with husavik in the background

Bonus: Popeye Village in Malta

Popeye Village is a must-know place for those who visit Malta. Ever since 1980, the music production in Popeye has pulled off, the set has remained intact and Popeye has become an essential tourist destination. 165 international construction crews used 8 tons of nails and two thousand gallons of paint to finish this fascinating set. In addition, tree trunks and logs imported from Holland were used to construct more than 20 wooden structures. 200-250 feet of the breakwater was needed to protect the set from the open sea. In short, a lot of effort had been made to establish this set and now it has become one of the most visited places for tourists in Malta.

re-open for europe

Thanks for reading! Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments. See you next week with more travel news!

Written by Duygu Aytaç

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