19 – 31 October Travel News: The Future of Travel

the future of travel

Although the COVID-19 case numbers are increasing without any decrease all around the world, the actors of the travel sector try to adapt their services accordingly. To lessen the economic impact of the pandemic, players of the sectors are designing the future of travel. Even when the pandemic ends, it is for sure that the future of travel will be different than now. Some newly adopted practices will stay as a legacy of the pandemic in our lives. By the time, according to the needs of people, the future of travel will be shaped and redesigned.

Travel Restriction Updates

Countries Are Opening Their Borders for US Citizens

The USA was one of the countries that had heavy effects of the pandemic. While barely any country opened its borders for US citizens during the summer, now more and more countries are opening their borders. Although still, most EU countries didn’t open their borders, there are some countries listed. Lonely Planet listed the countries open for US travelers that you can easily check. Keep that in mind that restrictions may change at any time. So once you got an idea for a destination to visit, before planing your final itinerary please check the official websites of a certain country.

Countries Are Cancelling Christmas Markets

the future of travel
Nuremberg’s Christmas Market is one of the oldest market in Europe

Christmas markets are one of the sweetest and warmest attractions of European destinations in the wintertime. Fancy decorations with colorful bulbs lighting the dark winter nights promising a visual delight. However, under COVID-19 precautions, this year European streets may lack these cute markets. One of the oldest and most famous Nuremberg’s Christmas Markets is only of them got canceled this year. Nuremberg’s market attracted more than 2 million tourists annually. We wish that Christmas Markets will be back next year under healthier times of the world.

Long Term Visas in Heavens on the World for Remote Jobs


We keep on inspiring remote workers with new destinations every time. This week’s inspiration is Mauritius. An island country close to Madagascar is famous for heaven beaches. People who consider getting a long-term visa to stay in Mauritius, they should provide their remote working situation with documents. For detailed information, check the link for the required conditions.

Cayman Islands

Another destination comes from one of the most beautiful islands of Carebain. The Cayman Islands offers a long term visa for remote job owners. However, it requires some criteria for your annual income. You should prove your $100.000 of annual income. The amount goes to $150.000 for couples and $180.000 for families with kids. And, also you should pay a $1.500 application fee. For more detail, if you have such income and eager to live there, check the link.

The Post-Pandemic Future of Travel in Aviation

Will Medical Tests Become Mandatory Before Flights

Once upon a while, there were no x-rays in airports. Or there was not much security check as it is today. 9/11 was one of the turning points of aviation in terms of security rules. After that day, the security of aviation was totally changed. And by the time it became the normality of the new era that nobody questions that much security anymore. Could there be a similar scenario in terms of health security on international flights?

the future of travel
United Airlines in Newark, United States

United Airlines launched a program that will offer free COVID-19 tests to passengers on certain days flying to London. The program will take place with a chosen sample for now. And the tests will be free for travelers. To make it in time, passengers will have to arrive at the airport before 3 hours of their flights. In this way, the whole flight will be guaranteed with zero cases. I am wondering if the pandemic will leave us any psychological legacy for the future to make governments more controlling about health issues. Will such kind of tests will become our new normality or not, even when the pandemic is over? Is it going to be the future of travel in aviation? It likely seems that we will all see together.

Travelers Tries to Adapt the New Normal

Although the number of COVID-19 cases is not showing any decrease, people are trying to adapt to the situation. Except for this last week, many countries didn’t seem to take much of restrictions as it was before. Lately, some European countries put new restrictions. According to the survey of Hopper Media, the trust of US travelers in airlines is increasing. While long road trips were the hottest trend of the last summer in the US, now US travelers state that for the coming Thanksgiving and winter holidays, they will prefer the airway. More than half of travelers seem to get out of the effect of the pandemic and feel ready to back in flights. Although this may be good news for the aviation sector, still it is best to take the utmost precautions in crowded places.

New Era of Restaurants

Airlines, hotels, and cruises! All these sectors got their challenges of creativity to provide different solutions to their customers to prevent the risk of spreading the virus. Now, it is time for restaurants to serve their customers in a healthy condition. By the time winter is arriving at the doors, restaurants will not be able to serve outside anymore. So, they will have to rearrange their typical serving models to distance their customers socially. It seems that some of our habits will be kept on changing. And we will see if this space privatization will become a habit even when all the pandemic ended!

Budapest’s Ferris Wheel Dining

Budapest Eye offers a panoramic view of the city to its visitors

Michelin-starred restaurant Costes will serve their meals in the private glass-enclosed cabins on the city’s Ferris wheel. The cost of a complete menu of a meal costs around $ 160 for the customers. Costes is the first restaurant in Hungary to get a Michelin Star.

World Lemur Day

98% of Lemur species are faced with a danger of extinction

Bringing news about sustainability by creating awareness is one of our biggest mission. In this way, we would like to remind you that 30th October and the week around it is a World Lemur day celebrated in Madagascar. The purpose of this day is to take attention to the extinction of Lemur species. As most of the wildlife animal species are endangered by human beings, we should act globally against it. Although the festival is celebrated since 2014 physically, this year it is going to be a virtual festival due to the pandemic. Please check the link to the event calendar for further information.

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