21 – 27 December: Innovations in the Travel Industry

innovations in the travel industry

Despite the current pandemic situation with quarantines and restrictions, humanity continues to make innovations in the travel industry. How can we enable travel with innovations? That’s the main question that industry professionals and scientists are trying to answer. This week, we will look at the innovations that gave us hope about the future of travel.

UK Travel Bans: New Restrictions From The Countries

After the UK’s declaration about the new mutant coronavirus, which is much more transmissible than the COVİD-19, the countries continue banning flights from the UK and to the UK. The USA did not cancel the flights but require a Covid-19 test, a quarantine period, and an amount of money.

innovations in the travel industry

In some countries like Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, and many more announced that the new virus is also spread to their country. Scientists do not know enough information about the new variant but the only escape for the countries, for now, to ban travel and keep the citizens at home.

Work from Home While Feeling the Flight Spirit

These days, we all have a passion for traveling safely, like never before. We and so the companies are trying us to feel like traveling. Some of these attempts made by two companies in Japan is The SkyScape. They allow customers to feel like they are on a plane with a plastic frame and cloud illustrations like the ones in planes.

One of the companies is actually designing relaxation products and these plane window-like frames were in their plan before the pandemic. But now the invention is much more attractive than ever. The frames will be situated in offices, hotels, rooms, and many more to create focused environments for workers for now and maybe later for everyone who wants to feel the plane spirit.

E-Palette: Toyota’s Fully-Automated Battery-Electric Vehicle

Toyota, the Japanese car production company produced multi-functional, fully-automated, electrically operated new generation cars. We saw the first examples with the version introduced for the first time in 2018 and produced for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 2019.

These cars are multi-functional moving spaces. The private customers and the companies can design the exterior and the interior of these cars. They can be an office for the workers, a hotel room, a pizza station, and many more.

The Eurail Paper Passbook Go Digital

For over 60 years, passengers are using the Eurail passbook in Europe to travel in trains. 33 countries across Europe use this system. But now the travelers can use its digital version. With the help of the Rail Planner App, passengers can gather all the data digitally. Innovations in the travel industry took an important part of the sector during the pandemic.

innovations in the travel industry

The app will have multi functions that never exist before. With the app, the travelers can see the train schedules, available hotel rooms near them, and much more which are useful for their journey. Also, there will be special discounts for app users.

Restotuks – The Taxi Restaurants in Geneva

A new concept has been added to the concepts. The taxi restaurants named The RestoTuks! Geneva reconstructed their traditional Tuk-Tuks. They were the vehicles tourists used for making a city tour. Restotuks made the experience of the tourists and the locals more safe.

With the collaboration of the restaurants in Geneva and the Tuk-Tuk tourists can live this experience. The customers will choose the places that will be visited and the type of cuisine that will be served. For more information, you can check the website.

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