21 September – 4 October: Travel Updates

Destination Updates

It doesn’t seem that the world is in a better position than it was in terms of positive COVID cases. However, it seems like governments try to cope with the least minimum economic effects of the pandemic. Although the numbers are not going to decrease drastically, countries kept on opening their borders under some regulations and restrictions. And, so far it seems that countries will try to learn to live with the pandemic fact. Since then destination updates are changing from time to time according to the new situations of the countries in their battle with the numbers of their COVID cases.

Destination Updates

New Hotspot for Digital Nomads: Tulum

Destination Updates in Tulum
Tulum can be your next heaven with its beatiful white-sand beaches for remote jobs

More and more jobs are becoming remote work due to the pandemic. In this way, our news included destination updates for remote workers most of the weeks. This weeks’ hotspot for digital nomads is Tulum from Mexico. Mexico offers visitors a six-month on arrival visa. Also, Tulum is very close to the Cancun airport, it may be one of another hotspot this year for remote workers. You can simply check the article “Has your job gone remote? These countries are welcoming digital nomads” from Lonely Planet to get more idea about the countries that are welcoming digital nomads.

Panama Is Reopening To All Countries

Destination Updates in Panama
 Casco Viejo in Panama is a colorful Unesco World Heritage Site with its narrow stone streets, 19th-century mansions, and cafes.

As another destination updates, international visitors from all countries will be able to visit Panama by 12th October. The country was close to tourists by the beginning of the pandemic back in March. Visitors will have to get their negative test results prior to 48 hours before arrival to the country. While contactless payments are available in the country, attractions like restaurants, museums, and cafes will be available with 50% capacity.

The Maldives Launching A Loyalty Program

If you are a traveler, it is sure that you have known about airline miles programs or hotels’ reward clubs. But have you ever heard a country offering such perks? Maldives Border Miles program will officially launch by 1st December. Visitors will earn points based on the number of visits and the duration of their stay. The tiers will be gold, silver, and bronze. The country didn’t announce the rewards that you can get by your points yet.

Airline News

Qantas Is Selling Fully-Stocked Airplane Bar Cart

The creativity of airlines surely came alive after the pandemic. We have seen many new ways of earning revenues from airlines during the period. Launching flights to nowhere, selling their onboard foods, opening restaurants serving their onboard food, and so on. The latest attempt came from Qantas selling its bar cart. The airline stated that many frequent fliers fancy equipment from an aircraft to use for different purposes in their home. Qantas is offering their retired bar carts fulled with their onboard wines from $600 to $1000. Also, fliers can get it via their flying miles.

Air Canada Starts Monthly Infinite Flight Pass

It’s not a common case to see a premium airline offers an infinite flight pass. Most of the time low-cost carriers or relatively smaller airlines come up with such offers. But, it shouldn’t come up with a surprise that this time it is a network carrier. The major point of a flight pass for an offering airline is a sum of money they receive in advance from their customers. When we consider the pandemic that many airlines are now in trouble with their cash liquidity, that’s an obvious fact that airlines are now looking for cash in their balance sheet. That’s why Air Canada is offering it to their customers.

Air Canada at Vancouver, BC, Canada

From a customer point of view, sometimes such offers may be tricky. If you are not a frequent flier, it is for sure that you won’t be able to get the value of your money from such a deal. So while you are considering to get a monthly flight pass, you should consider the number of flights you will be taking in a month. In general, if you are flying less than 3-4 times a week, such kind of offers won’t be your perfect deal. Of course, by simple mathematics, you can calculate your cost of flights without the pass. And if it comes with higher costs than the pass, then you should consider this offer.

Sailing News

Cruises To Nowhere

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By the pandemic, we have seen many airlines having flights to nowhere. Especially including carriers from the far east countries. After Singapore Airlines announced its flights to nowhere, now there are cruises to nowhere. Although Singapore Airlines stopped its project over environmental concerns and criticisms, cruise operators are very eager to start their operations. Ships will be accepting the guest at 50% capacity having their hygiene and safety certificates. The cruise industry was one of the most affected ones among others throughout the pandemic.

The First Ship With an AI Captain

You can get the idea how the boat was built and what’s going to be the mission

A ship with an AI captain and no crew the Mayflower Autonomous Ship sailed as the world’s first autonomous transatlantic voyages. The ship launched by IBM will gather data about the state of the ocean. You can observe and follow the journey of the MAS400 step by step with all the details on their website. The ship with no human captain will be collecting marine data for environmental research for 6 months. What if another boat thinks it’s abandoned?

This video is explaning about the importance and the historical background of the mission

A Floating Bungalow in Bora Bora

The solar-powered and eco-friendly little floating island will start to welcome guests by the beginning of 2021. The main purpose of the villa is to remain stationary, but it can also sail the inner lagoon of Bora Bora with a dedicated captain. The floating house will have a capacity of eight guests. It will be including most of the luxurious equipment that you can dream of. The price for a night will start from €1500 per night. You can visit the official site of ELYT Charter Tahiti for more information.

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