24 – 30 May News: Google Lists Vacation Rentals

google lists vacation rentals

Welcome to this week’s travel news! When we have a look at this week’s news, we see that tourism has started to revive in the world with the arrival of summer. America celebrates the opening of new destinations as it comes close to the end of the pandemic. And also the big companies are creating new features and setting new rules to survive this summer safely. One of the important features comes to the tech giant Google that lists vacation rentals in their hotel platform. I hope you enjoy the article!

A Floating Resort Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic is Coming

Every day, we are hearing news about the extinction of nature. Unfortunately, our planet is in a dangerous condition now. So now, it’s the time for developing new projects. In this regard, a renowned international design firm started to work on building a new floating resort by using recycled ocean plastic. And especially in the Indian Ocean as it is the most damaged ocean in the world.

Floating Resort Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic

The exact location is the Cocos Islands which is a remote territory of Australia. In addition to its sustainability, the resort has impressive architecture. It will have camping sites and hotel rooms. The showers will be filtered and distilled seawater pumped onto the facility using solar energy. The announced competition day of the floating resort is 2025.

Airbnb is Extending Party Ban Till the End of Summer

airbnb party ban

Airbnb announced that they will continue limiting bookings from visitors under the age of 25 or those who have left bad feedback. The main aim of the company is to prevent house parties till the end of summer 2021. It has also deleted the “event-friendly” and “parties and events allowed” filters from listings. “At the end of summer 2021, we will provide another update on the future of the policy.” the company says.

A Floating Oasis is Opened in New York City

Little Island, a new free public area in Hudson River Park located at 13th Street, is now available to the public. Four miles along Manhattan’s West Side, it is connected to the landscape with a bridge. Cost 260 million dollars, it provides a one-of-a-kind green space in New York City. Little Island is suitable for live performances, cultural events, and also for sightseeing with unique vantage points.

Little Island will welcome hundreds of local artists and performers, as well as free programs for visitors of all ages when its own autonomous arts programming kicks out in June. A 687-seat amphitheater known as “The Amph,” a central plaza for food and beverages known as “The PlayGround,” an intimate stage, lawn space known as “The Glade” and more than 350 species of flowers are included in the Little Island.

Vacation Rentals Listing will be in Google Hotels

Google Lists Vacation Rentals

Google is expanding its Google Hotel platform to include lists of vacation rentals, with both vacation rental and hotel choices expected to display alongside one other in search results for a particular destination. The shift comes as Google reports a surge in interest in smaller, local attractions and vacation rentals around the country, with searches for “beach rentals” up more than 100 percent globally since last year.

Bonus: Win a Chance to Visit a New Observation Deck in Manhattan

In Midtown Manhattan a new observation deck, Summit One Vanderbilt is opening. It is on the top of a new skyscraper above Grand Central Terminal. From the transparent “sky boxes” called Levitation, visitors can look directly down at Madison Avenue. The attraction is set to open on Oct. 21, but you may sign up now for a chance to visit before then.

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