26 April – 2 May News: the US Starts to Open Thanks to Vaccination

the US starts to open

It seems that some countries are very soon to become normal. And the processes about Covid-19 proofs are getting easier and faster. Also, unfortunately, there are countries that are far away from controlling the pandemic. But we have hope right! Especially, life in the US starts to open thanks to the vaccination advancements. I collaborated the news for you from all over the world. I hope you enjoy this week’s travel news and see you next week!

You Can Use Google to Get to Know About Travel Restrictions

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If you are a future traveler who wants to find accurate information about the flights, attractions of the future destination, and many more, Google shows you all of them. And now, in addition to these features, Google can include information about which travelers must provide for entering countries. Evidence of a negative Covid test or immunization records, as well as whether quarantine is necessary upon arrival.

New York Will be ”Fully Open” after July 1

In the previous year, the USA had a hard time controlling the pandemic. There was death many more than in other countries. But now, with the help of the vaccination success of the country, they are too close to the end of the pandemic. This Wednesday, the mayor of New York announced that they are ready to open nearly everywhere. Businesses, restaurants, stores by July 1 will nearly like to the condition before the pandemic as the US starts to open.

the US starts to open

“This is going to be the summer of New York City,” said the mayor. But the possible requirements such as Covid-19 negative test result or proof of vaccination are not mentioned. Also, President Biden stated that thanks to the extraordinary progress in the fight against COVID-19 in the US: If you are fully vaccinated — and if you are outdoors and not in a large crowd — you no longer need to wear a mask. So it seems New York will start living again as the US starts to open!

Europe’s Signal of Open Borders Encouraged Leaders in WTTC

After one year, tourism professionals meet at World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) three-day global summit this week. About the fact that the WTTC and organizations such as the US Travel Association have consistently stated their opposition to vaccination requirements for travel, members and delegates anxious to stop missing another summer of tourism cheered the news.

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While no official date for opening borders has been set, the EU has stated that it plans to have its qualification program ready by June. Individual countries will also set their own policy, but officials here seemed optimistic that the bloc has eventually agreed on similar policies and protocols. Greece, Iceland, and Croatia, for example, have either opened or are about to open.

Rapid PCR Test Across the Airports of U.S.A

Thanks to Covid-19, nearly every country wants us to give them a negative PCR test if we want to go abroad. Traditionally, travelers have to go to the hospital 2 times, have the test, and get the result of it. But now, PCR Covid-19 experiments are available at more than a dozen U.S. airports by May 1, for $225 at JFK and $250 in others.

Bonus: How to Help India Individually (Covid-19)

India corona

While certain parts of the world are recovering from COVID-19’s worst effects, India is facing the polar opposite. The nation currently has the world’s largest coronavirus outbreak. With over 2.4 million new infections recorded in the last week alone. And if you donate for India; Care India, Feeding India, Rapid Response, and many more if you can check the internet.

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