27 December 2021 – 2 January 2022 Travel News: Disneyland Bringing Back 2 Major Festivals

Disneyland festivals

Helloo!! Welcome to this year’s first travel news!! With the excitement of entering the new year, we all added travel to our annual plans. Although for a while the omicron variant seems to bore us, I am sure that this year we have all experienced nothing. I have compiled tourism news from the world for you again such as; CDC’s advice, Disneyland festivals, and many more. I wish everyone a nice week and a year full of travel!

CDC Advises Against Taking Cruises Despite Vaccination

People should avoid cruising regardless of their immunization status, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC declared cruising a “high risk” vacation activity on Thursday. It cited incidences of the omicron strain on various cruise ships.

Those who do decide to take a cruise should “make sure” they are completely vaccinated and boosted. In addition to this, test for COVID-19 before and after their vacation, according to the CDC. Several cruise operators already require a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure.

A Jaw-Dropping Mirrored Pavilion Settled in Swiss Alps

The Mirage Gstaad, designed by American artist Doug Aitken, is a mirrored structure that mimics the changing panorama of the Alps. The reflective pavilion, which was once located near Palm Springs in the desert, is now located in an Alpine meadow above Gstaad, Switzerland. Visitors may go inside and observe the mirrored walls framing windows and skylights.

Disneyland will Reintroduce Two Major Festivals In 2022

Disneyland has confirmed the return of two fan-favorite events that were canceled in 2021 due to the park’s closure for COVID-19. From January 21 to February 13, the traditional Lunar New Year event will return, followed by the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival in March.

Disneyland festivals

Visitors will be able to tour selected marketplaces featuring Asian cuisine during the Lunar New Year festivities. The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival will provide a delectable sampling of California’s top culinary experiences from prominent regions and neighborhoods around the state.

Old Shanghai Airport Turned Into a Park

As part of an urban redevelopment effort, a stunning new park has been erected on the runway of what was once Shanghai’s only civilian airport. Authorities separated the 1830-meter-long Xuhui Runway Park into a succession of smaller gardens and planted spaces in the city’s Xuhui riverfront district.

Throughout the park, there are a number of restaurants and public service facilities to accommodate modest social groups. Parts of the original runway concrete were used in the design. These include incorporating them into the birdwatching grove to create intricate resting areas.

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