27 July – 9 August, Travel News: International Travel Restrictions

international travel restrictions

Although the second wave of the pandemic has been mentioned by different authorities lately, we can also see that international travel restrictions are being eased slowly by countries. In this way, more and more countries are opening borders for international travel. Also, airlines are especially regaining some power back for the domestic routes, even though the same can’t be said for the international routes. The aviation sector seems to be exposed to many changes even after the end of the pandemic in terms of passenger experience. Both airlines and airports are coming up with contactless solutions that they will be kept on our lives even after the pandemic. Other than that, the end of July was full of innovative travel news that I have really enjoyed to write them for you.

International Travel Restrictions Are Easing In The World

According to the leading tourism source of UNWTO, 40% of destinations eased the international travel restrictions that they have placed in response to the coronavirus outbreak. By mid-June, this number was around 20% percent. As we have been discussing before, countries that their economy is more dependent on tourism had been more likely to be opening their borders for international tourism. UNWTO is putting importance on lifting the international travel restrictions complied with the responsible restart of international tourism.

This way, global tourism can gain people’s trust and confidence, essential foundations as we work together to adapt to the new reality we now face.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili

Till now, 87 destinations eased their international travel restrictions. Four destinations among of them lifted their international travel restrictions completely. Still, 115 Destinations (53% of all destinations worldwide) keep on to close their borders completely to international tourism. By the end of May, the outbreak had led to $320 billion in lost revenues. It’s already three times the cost of the 2009 Global Economic Crisis.

US Government Doesn’t Advise Citizens Not To Tavel Internationally Anymore

As the top second-biggest spenders over 150 billion dollars on international tourism, US travelers are one of the most important source markets for world tourism. That is why the restrictions for them has been on the news most of the time. As you know, due to the high case numbers in the US, most of the countries including the EU banned US citizens to travel to their country. Besides, by mid-March, the US government announced an advisory against all international travel for all citizens. As of today, now the States advising that “exercise caution when traveling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic”. The state department is providing travel advice on a destination-by-destination basis. Because conditions are going better in some countries. The US citizens should read about the guidelines of the countries that they plan to travel on

Spain’s Canary Islands Provide Free COVID-19 Insurance To Visitors

Spains Canary Islands that highly dependent on tourism revenues are trying to increase their visitors. With the cooperation of AXA Insurance, tourists staying in regulated tourist accommodation in the Canary Islands will be provided and insurance against the coronavirus. The insurance covers medical expenses, health repatriation, and the cost of a prolonged stay due to quarantine for those who test positive for the virus. The insurance is free for all tourists. But it won’t be valid for who had the virus before they visited the destination.

Canary Islands, Spain
Canary Islands, Spain

Destinations Reopens For Tourism

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was planning to open for the tourists by the beginning of August. A recent increase in the case numbers made the government postponed the opening for the mid-August. As you may remember, the Maldives was open for all international visitors lately. As of the opening of Sri Lanka, travelers will be having another option to have on their list for their exotic holidays. However, Sri Lanka has more precautions and pre-requests from the passengers who will visit the country. For details, you can visit the official tourism website of Sri Lanka.


Mount Everest is the biggest dream for trekkers. As also, one of the biggest sources of revenue for Nepal tourism is trekking. The trekking season takes place from September to November. Nepal plans to welcome adventurers for their hiking to Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountains for the coming climbing season this September.

Innovations In The Travel World

Uber Boat Launches In The River Thames In London

Uber is one of the most innovative companies in the transportation and travel sector. It’s not the first time that Uber offers an alternative way of travel to its customers. Before, with Scuber they let their customers ride a submarine to observe Great Barrier Reefs in Australia. And, planning to launch their flying cars under the name of Uber Elevate. Cooperating with the river bus service Thames Clippers, Uber now offers its customers a boat ride via the River Thames. The service began on August 3, passengers can book their tickets through the Uber app.

An Uber boat operated in partnership with Thames Clippers travels along the River Thames
An Uber boat operated in partnership with Thames Clippers travels along the River Thames ©Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Futuristic Cinema In Paris

The cinemas were hit by the pandemic and it may sound absurd to build a cinema in such times. However, with the innovative vertical design of the Oma Cinema in Paris, cinema lovers may have a chance to practice social distancing in their own private boots to enjoy the movie. The construction is planned to be done by the next year. And, for the cinema lovers, it can be a nice spot to see it if they travel to Paris. Also, the vertical design lets all watchers see the screen closely.

A new cinematic experience is being imagined by Ōma Cinema
A new cinematic experience is being imagined by Ōma Cinema | | © Ōma Cinema

Teardrop-Shaped Tents In Belgium

As one of the most trendy ways of traveling this year is camping. It is being an alternative for travel lovers who are seeking a private space far from others. Now, you can enjoy a new way of the teardrop-shaped tent in Borgloon, Belgium. The tents were created by Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar and offer guests a unique camping experience. Although tents were firstly hanged to trees for an artistic purpose. Later on, it became a tourist hotspot to spend a night in it.

Virgin Spaceship: A Tourist In The Space

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Virgin Galactic has published the images for the interior design of their spaceship cabin. Space tourists who can pay around $250.000 for a ticket will be able to enjoy this out of this world experience. The journey will take around 90 minutes. The spacecraft will be able to transport up to six passengers. The flight may start this year. There will be multiple cameras to capture shots so you can impress your friends.

The Future Of The Aviation

Airport Experience Seems To Better Thanks To The Pandemic

As of in many industries, pandemic also led to airport technologies to become contactless. Although it came with many new expenses for the travel sector, that may lead to fixing the travel experience in the future. Considering that, now many more people are traveling, airport capacities were not facing the demand leading many ques in check-in or passport controls. Thanks to the pandemic, biometric security scans, automated customs and border patrol screenings, and enhanced self-check-in stations have been improved. In this way, passengers may have smoother and frictionless experiences in airports. Pandemic has led to the most significant changes in the airport experience after September 11. 

The Business Travel Is Coming To An End For Airlines

We have been talking many times how airlines’ businesses got drastically affected by the pandemic. Also, many airlines tried to save up some profits by shifting their aircraft into cargo transportation when there was no demand for passengers. However, one of the most drastic impacts of the pandemic for airlines will be the business travel for the short and long term as well.

People who work in the aviation sector clearly knows that corporate travels are the most profitable ones for airlines. It is estimated that more than 60% of airline revenues are coming from corporate passengers because they are more likely to buy last-minute tickets are buying for the higher classes. However, pandemic shows that many meetings could be done online especially looking at the enormous rise of the usage of Zoom. It was also an enlightenment moment for companies. Especially for the ones who spend millions of dollars on their managers to send them to meetings.

It’s likely to be that the habit of e-meetings will be staying with us in the future with even more advanced technologies. That means that airlines will have to come up with creating different types of demands to attract new segments of customers to fill their seats as much as profitable as business travelers. Surely, that will be the biggest challenge for airlines for the coming era.

Emirates Covers The Costs If You Become Infected

There is no surprise that the demand for air travel is experiencing its lowest times for a couple of decades. And aviation was one of the leading sectors that had been affected most by the pandemic. Therefore, the airlines are trying with various tactics to encourage their potential passengers to bring back into their aircraft. Emirates has become the first airline to offer free COVID-19 insurance to its passengers. The insurance will cover for medical treatment, hotel quarantine, and even their funeral if they get the coronavirus while traveling.

The coverage is free to all customers regardless of class of travel or destination and is applied automatically with no need to register. The insurance will cover medical expenses of up to €150,000. It will also pay for the cost of quarantining in a hotel for up to two weeks at €100 per day. In the event of a passenger’s death due to Covid-19 the insurance cover will provide €1,500 towards the cost of their funeral.

A Floating Piano Show

While the pandemic had brought many hardships in our daily lives, one of its contribution to us was about art and creativity. Providing us free time that we couldn’t have before, many people came up with some creative ideas. After the restrictions of performing art to gathered crowds, these French artists preferred to give a concert on a beautiful French lake just next to the 18th-century castle. You can enjoy the scenes above.

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