27 September – 3 October News: Australia Reopen Its Borders

Australia Reopen Its Borders

Hello!! Welcome to this week’s travel news!! Even if you take your travels a little short of work and school, don’t worry, lots of places to travel are waiting for you. If not time to think about upcoming vacations and make plans, then what is it about? And, even Australia will gradually begin to reopen its borders. And there is an ultimate hack that changes a lot!! So, let’s start this week’s travel news! 🙂

Ultimate TikTok Hack For Backpackers

The best advice, as the saying goes, can be found on the pillow. In this case, though, the solution is the pillow itself, as demonstrated by one TikTok user in what may be the most clever travel packing trick ever. But sadly, you have few months to use this hack because airlines will get an extra charge for pillows by 2022.


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Anya Iakovlieva, aka @nolimitua, shared a video earlier this month of herself cramming items into a pillowcase and successfully using it as extra baggage space on a journey.  “The best travel hack ever!!! ‘Pillow’ flies for free,” she wrote on the post. The post has had over 16 million views since Sept. 18.

Carbon-neutral Self-driving Ferry

Norway is developing an electric, self-driving water taxi that will transport people across waterways with the least amount of environmental effect possible. It will improve public health by reducing traffic congestion, pollutants, noise pollution, and traffic bottlenecks in cities. The carbon-neutral water taxis are small and can carry up to 12 passengers. Customers can request them by pressing a button on their phones. Zeabuz has announced that the self-driving ferry will be available in 2021.

Australia Will Reopen Its Borders After 18 Months

Right now, the travel ban is till December 17, but it seems there could be a change. According to Australia’s Prime Minister’s statement; if an 80% vaccination rate can be achieved till Christmas, Australians can be able to travel overseas and return home.

Australia Reopen Its Borders

Families had to split across continents, with nationals stranded abroad and foreign residents unable to see friends or relatives who live in the country. Fully vaccinated Australians will have permission to return home in November without having to pay thousands of dollars for a hotel quarantine. Instead, when they return to the nation, they will be able to quarantine at home for seven days.

Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is Erupting Once More

On Wednesday, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, erupted with a stunning show of lava and smoke. The USGS confirmed Thursday morning that the activity is localized to a crater within the closed region of Klauea’s summit. At this time, travelers can still visit Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.

Visitors to the national park can see the eruption from a distance. But they have to follow all safety precautions, not just for the active volcano but also for COVID-19. Keep a six-foot social distance, stay on identified routes, avoid closed areas, and expect long lines for parking at famous viewpoints.

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