28 December – 3 January: Global Travel News

global travel news

2021 came with uncertainty and hope that we are trying to create. This week we will have a look at global travel and culture news across the world. This week’s news is about gratifying news in archeology, the Covid-19 cases increasing around the world, and the responses of countries and people to the current situation. We wish all readers a better year than in 2020 and start traveling as soon as possible.

Will the Covid-19 Vaccine be Mandatory in Flights?

This question has no exact answer for now. And it seems like it won’t. It will depend on the countries’ and the airline companies’ pandemic policy. But some of the common agreements and thoughts from different countries and companies are now available as vaccine won’t be mandatory for flights.

Covid-19 Vaccine

The vaccine is not an exact prove for a person to not be affected. Also, it will be very far to vaccine everyone in the world but some people will even never want to be vaccinated. But more importantly, the airlines won’t cover this period. Based on these facts the American airlines says it’s too early, Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines say the test policy will continue, Korean Air and Air New Zealand say the countries will give a decision.

Airbnb Announced the Most Searched Destinations for 2021

The quarantine period gave us a chance to make plans for our trips. Also, there is an increase in our desire to go beyond the areas that we mostly preferred. As vaccine news is coming from all around the world, travelers now have much more hope to wander internally. Also, Airbnb indicates that the main aim of travelers will be living or working.

global travel news

So what are these places? Seoul, South Korea is popular with K-pop and the film Parasite. Hampton, London which is an escape for people in London with Thames view and historical places. Bogotá, Colombia is not just famous for Copa América but with its natural beauty. The trends of the customers are usually nearby destinations or relatively safe places.

An Antique Snack Bar is Found in Pompeii Ruins

In the archeological site of Pompeii, archeologists have found a frescoed thermopolium which means a fast-food counter in today’s life. The figures of a Nereid nymph riding a seahorse and gladiators in combat are perfectly preserved. It is because of the lava which ruined civilization.

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This discovery is important for understanding the eating habits of Pompeii and Roman culture. The other images on the thermopolium are ducks and a rooster. This may indicate that besides wine and other drinks people used to buy them as well.

Eating and Drinking Restriction in Domestic Flights in Thailand

global travel news

Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) banned eating and drinking during flights that are less than two hours. Also, newspapers and magazines are not allowed to be distributed. The main aim of the authorities is to reduce the possibility of infection. The first ban was in September but as the cases are increasing nowadays, authorities gave this decision again.

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We wish you all a happy new year with health, happiness, peace, and joy. A year that we can all travel more!

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