3 – 9 May Travel News: Vaccine Vacations to the US

vaccine vacations

We are officially in May and there is a countdown in our minds for summer! But this summer will depend on which country you are in. An interesting summer is definitely waiting for us. One of the interesting news is that Thai travel agencies are offering ‘Vaccine Vacations’ to the US. But we will see! In this week’s travel news, there are hopeful advancements about getting rid of the pandemic (but depending on which country you are in). Let’s have a look at them. Enjoy!

A Program is in Testing Stage Enables Appointments For TSA Testing

Everybody is waiting for restrictions to stretch and the border to open. So after the hard conditions of the pandemic, there is no doubt that there will demand traveling across the world. And this will affect also the crowd rates of the airports. And Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is acting exactly in this point.

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TSA found a solution for decreasing the time that people have to wait in the long queues. So by starting the test phase in the Seattle Airport, they are offering travelers to make appointments for security checks before they come to the airport. If the Sea Spot Saver program will be successful, so many things will change in the airports. The program will start scheduling in August and for now for special gates and airline flights.

Vaccine Vacations From Thailand to the US

Not everyone can access the vaccine in their own country. However, those who want to be vaccinated are now looking for ways to go where they can get the vaccine instead of waiting in line in their own country. Reuters published a ”vaccination tour” organized by a Bangkok-based tour operator.

vaccine vacations

Clients who want to get the vaccine before their national time in June are interested in this tour. The stops are usually in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. And the prices of the vaccine vacations are between $2,400 and $6,400 depending on the length of time between doses. Also, Reuters added that there are other tour operators offering Sputnik Vaccine and Johnson&Johnson Vaccine Tour.

The World’s First Floating Swimming Pool

The world’s first floating swimming pool, which will open on May 16, will serve only Embassy Garden residents and guests. Where this pool will be built in the Embassy Gardens complex has been discussed since 2013. The only way to have enough space for the pool in the Embassy Garden complex was through the idea of ​​”pool in the sky”.

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CNN (@cnn)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Strength testing was conducted for hours to ensure the overall safety of the pool. You can look down while swimming in the sky at 110 feet above the ground, this is interpreted as flying. According to EcoWorld Ballymore, this pool in London’s Nine Elms neighborhood will be the world’s largest freestanding acrylic pool structure. 

Colosseum in Rome will Get a Retractable Floor

Most probably the well-known historical site of Rome, the ancient Collesium now has a new floor. And the best side of it that before renovation tourists can not enter to it. Now, tourists will have a chance to walk inside of it and imagine how gladiators were fighting.

The floor will be open to tourists in 2023 with a $28.5 million cost. “will give us back the same vision from the stage of the monument that it had in ancient times,” says the Colosseum director. The floor will also be a cultural stage and events area. In addition to it, for the first time until the 19th century, tourists can see the monument in it.

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