1 – 6 December Weekly News: The Future of Air Travel

The aviation industry is bringing new solutions to life to determine the future of air travel during and after the pandemic. Considering the fact that airlines are in an essential position for international interaction, continuing air travel concerns nearly everyone in the world. That’s why experts in this field have begun to take steps to find a solution and start flexibility for the sake of the future of air travel. Although it will take a little longer for us to return back, the developments are creating hope for us all.

Digital Health Pass to Restart International Travel

The major problem to ensure the passengers’ security is that each country’s test policy and test accuracy are different. To solve this issue, it was essential to establish a common platform that is accepted internationally. So leading airlane companies will start using an international app in December to determine the health status of the passengers.

The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum created the app. Thanks to this new app, the Covid-19 tests that passengers took in their country will be in a standard format. In addition, passengers will be able to reach the requirements of the country they are traveling to. You can check the project’s website to reach additional information.

Contact Tracing for International Travellers by Delta Air Lines

With the collaboration of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Delta Air Lines, an international contact tracing app developed. Delta is the first airline in the US to launch an international passenger touch monitoring app in an attempt in order to make travel safer.

International Contact Tracing by the US Air Line Company

Travelers will start using the app on December 15. The working principle of the application is by asking foreign travelers to provide basic information voluntarily. This will help streamline contact tracing and subsequent public health surveillance efforts.

The New Quarantine Period – 10 Days

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is planning to reduce the worldwide accepted quarantine period from 14 days to 10 days. If the travelers can fulfill the necessities, it will be possible to continue the journey after 10 days of quarantine.

future of air travel

A traveler must not report symptoms before arrival, not report symptoms for seven days, and get tested negative. Also, travelers should obtain a negative test result within 48 hours of quarantine termination.

A partnership of US and Netherlands’ Airline Companies for “Quarantine Free Travel”

KLM Air Lines from the Netherlands partnered with Delta Air Lines from the USA, to make travel without quarantine possible. If travelers can complete the requirements, there will be no quarantine obligation.  But for now, it will be just for passengers who are visiting the Netherlands.

future of air travel

Passengers must complete simple steps including a PCR test before arrival, a rapid antigen before boarding at the airport, and immediately upon arrival a PCR examination. We will see the results with the start of the flights between Atlanta and Amsterdam in December.

FCC Banned the Proposal for Talking on the Phone in Flights

Air Lines are offering advanced services such as connecting to the internet, but it is not possible to talk on the phone during the flight. Since 2013, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is working on a plan to allow in-flight voice calls from mobile phones. But the plan won’t be implemented for now. It is because of the strong opposition of pilots and flight attendants. If one day a joint decision can be reached, it will be possible to talk by phone while flying.

future of air travel

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