31 May – 6 June News: New Archaeological Discoveries in Egypt

new archaeological discoveries in egypt

Welcome summer!!! I am really happy that we finally came to summer and good news coming from the world. It seems that humanity is working on new projects to make the future brighter. Meanwhile, they also keep on working to enlighten the past, too! Just like in the case of new archaeological discoveries in Egypt. In this week’s travel news, I collaborated news around the world for you as a quick recap. Before coming to the news, I wish you a perfect summer and a good week!

A New E-bike Has a 60-Mile Range on a Single Charge

The new e-bike has an adaptable engine and a built-in sound system. It can travel 60 miles on a single charge. The company, Lyft, spent two years building the electric bicycle. It will be used for the first time next week in San Francisco as a part of the public beta test. After the tests, the e-bikes will available for the public in Chicago and spread across the USA.


The Lyft e-bike has a rating of 500 watts. With this power, it is not a problem to climb hills and crossing bridges. Also, it has a built-in LCD screen which provides easier parking and unlocks. Safety was a top consideration while constructing the bike. At this point, it has retroreflective paint, safety sensors, and a rear hydraulic stop.

Tomorrow: A New Weather Platform by Twitter

Twitter is developing an interactive weather service. It will alert users to any local storms or precipitation that is trending. The “Tomorrow” program launched this Tuesday. It is a collaboration with climate journalist and meteorologist Eric Holthaus. It connects consumers to hyper-local specialists in more than a dozen places throughout the country.

Containing both free and paid content for subscribers, at $10 per month, users will also receive a nightly email with the expected upcoming weather. In addition to the forecast, emails will also contain “a news story, a poem, a meme, a short video, or a call to action.”

Expanding List of Archaeological Discoveries in Egypt

The nation is expecting that visitors would find this type of open-air tourism appealing after COVID-19. Egypt is currently accessible to non-essential travel. Recent digs in Egypt, which have yielded substantial findings, are expected to aid the country’s vital tourism economy in its recovery from the plague.

new archaeological discoveries in egypt

Archeologists discovered lots of precious historical artifacts outside of Cairo at the Step Pyramid of Djoser, arguably the world’s oldest pyramid. Some of them are at least 100 ancient coffins dating back to the Pharaonic Late Period and Greco-Ptolemaic era, as well as 40 gilded sculptures said to be 2,500 years old.

Separate Terminal For Tourists From Red List Countries in London’s Heathrow Airport

The United Kingdom introduced a traffic light system for foreign travel last month, dividing nations into three groups based on COVID-19 risk ratings. Travelers from 43 “red-list” nations, including India, Brazil, and Turkey, have been denied entry to the United Kingdom so far. Heathrow Airport in London has reopened a previously shuttered terminal to accommodate tourists traveling from high-risk nations.


“Red-list” travelers have been utilizing the same terminals and airport facilities as other travelers since February’s adoption of enforced hotel quarantines, although in separate lines. This week, though, things changed. Terminal 3, which closed in April 2020 owing to a low volume of international arrivals, will now be used only for travelers arriving from high-risk nations.

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