5 – 11 April Travel News: Pink Supermoon in 2021

pink supermoon 2021

Welcome to this week’s travel news! Pandemic continues damaging the world for more than one year and step by step we started to adapt to pandemic conditions. In this weekly recap, you will find good opportunities, natural beauties, and many more. There will be also the first supermoon of 2021 that you can see the Pink Moon. hope you find interesting news!

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You Can Get Up To 220 Euro For Visiting Malta

Malta government has put into effect a new decision while looking for ways to increase the number of tourists. The first 35,000 tourists visiting Malta are planning to pay different amounts, provided that the number of nights they book at the hotels exceeds 3 days. The types of hotels they stay in and the number of stars varies in the amount of money they give tourists.

Malta autumn

If this offer appeals to you, here are the numbers you will earn according to the type of hotel you stay at. If you stay in a 5-star hotel, 220 euros, in addition to 220 euros if this hotel is on the island of Gozo in Malta; 150 if you are going to stay in a 4-star hotel; In a 3-star hotel, you will earn 150 euros.

Qatar Airways Operated Its First Fully-Vaccinated Flight

The travel industry is rapidly taking steps to normalize people who have been vaccinated. Qatar airlines performed its first test flight, with all crew and passengers vaccinated. The flight started from Doha, Hamad International Airport and after 3 hours flight returned back to the airport.

Qatar Cargo Aircraft

Also, Qatar Airways is keen on using IATA Travel Pass, a digital health pass, which will be helpful for flights. And it seems that as vaccinated people begin to normalize, getting vaccinated will be a privilege for everyone to continue their lives as well as protection from the pandemic.

The Supermoon Will Light Our Sky On April 26

The super moon is actually called the super pink moon, the reason it is called pink is that it is the first full moon of the spring season in the northern hemisphere and is inspired by the phlox subulata flower in Canada and the USA. The pink supermoon of 2021 will take place on Monday, April 26 at 23:33, don’t worry about missing it, the extraordinary pleasure of watching will continue all night.

pink supermoon 2021

In order for the super moon to occur, there must be a full moon and the moon must be in the closest position to the world. The word super moon was first used by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1970. Although it is not a scientific phenomenon, it became an expression loved by the public. We have 4 super moons ahead of us: March, April, May, and June

According to Studies, Nature Sounds Heal Pain

Some of us return to nature when we want to relax, or increase our mood by listening to nature sounds online. Scientists who want to investigate this effect have scientifically proved that it is possible to relax with nature sounds. Rachel Buxton and his colleagues from the department of biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada studied the natural sound’s effects.

trees in a forest

They shared their findings in Proceeding in National Academy of Sciences. The sounds including birds chirping and rivers running can heal both our body and mind. Also, the most remarkable effects are on lowering stress and feelings of annoyance. In addition, researchers have bad news because the more people go to parks, the more human sounds like horns increases, and this decreases the benefits.

Travel Bubble Between New Zealand And Australia in April

New Zealand and Australia are known around the world for the strict precautions they take in the pandemic and therefore for their low number of cases. During this period, these two countries took a big step and allowed quarantine-free travel between the two countries.

New Zealand flag

There are some conditions for access to travel between these two countries; New Zealanders must have tested negative in the last 14 days, Australians must travel on a Green Zone flight, passengers must have spent the last 14 days in Australia. At the same time, visitors will give detailed information and asked to use the NZ Covid Tracer application during their stay. Apart from these, a flight mask is a must.

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We would like to specially thanks Duygu Aytaç for her contributions to this week’s travel news!

Written by Fatma Say


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