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6 Creative Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

travel photography at night

If you have a camera, you will not be traveling without a camera involuntarily. To give an example from me, sometimes I took it with me even when I was going to the city center. It is not clear what will happen when we are traveling, so we always want the camera to be with us. I think a camera is a must for travelers like us because no matter how high quality the cameras of the phones are, I think they cannot provide the functionality that a camera provides us. Therefore, today I will give you some simple and creative travel photography tips for beginners to take better pictures!

How to Carry Your Camera Safely During a Trip?

Yes, actually, the harder thing to use the camera is to safely carry the camera with us. Generally, trips are made by plane. The biggest advice I can give you in this regard is not to have a camera in your big suitcase, because we do not know which parts of our suitcases were transported to the cargo hold of the plane (as I saw from my own experience, my 3 suitcases and 2 backpacks were destroyed in the cargo hold of the plane). It will be safer to carry your camera in your backpack or handbag.

How safely you transport within the country depends on the country. For example, in some countries, travelers are told that they should not be outside after dark because they warn that their belongings may be stolen. In some countries, even if you go outside until morning, you will not have any problems. So, it is generally recommended to carry your camera on your neck or backpack in the city.

Simple But Creative Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Somehow, after you arrive at the destination you will be traveling to, the most important thing you need to do is to take beautiful photos and share them with us! In the rest of my article, I will give some useful travel photography tips for beginners on how to take beautiful photos!

1. Using a Moving Camera Screen

camera moving screen

The screen of some cameras can move. How you use it is very important, as the screen flickering is a huge advantage in adjusting your photo angle. However, it is a great supporter of the videos for those who want to shoot videos.

2. Everyone Loves Animals

cute monkey in Kuala Lumpur

Animal photos are the most liked photos, especially when they’re cute, flashy, or unusual! For the most impressive animal portraits, choose Portrait mode on your camera and set the eyes as the focus. In this way, you can take beautiful animal photos, finding animals that are not found in the country you live in will remain in your camera as extra memories for you.

3. Find Shiny Surfaces in the City

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Glass is your friend in an environment where buildings are located. Find reflective surfaces, from shop windows to bus windows, and photograph the scenes you see on them. Reflections give you an alternative to a more abstract in some cases, but often a much more fun-looking alternative to creative vacation photos.

4. Use the Power of Water

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

When it comes to landscape photography, the role of glasses will be given to the water. You can simply use some of the beautiful lakes to reflect the beauty of nature. A well-taken picture in nature will give you a feeling of a beautiful portrait drawn by a great painter. While resting next to a peaceful backwater, you can simply go experimental with your camera and try to double the beauty of nautre!

5. Shadow Plays

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

You will enjoy the sun on your holiday. Remember, where there is sun, there is also shade. Using your camera’s Point (Center) Metering mode, expose the highlights in your scene and watch for shadows that appear in sharp contrast. Take experimental shots with impressive shadows of palm trees running along the beach, or capture creative effects with light beams filtering through your cafe’s windows. During bright sunshine hours for clear, high-contrast shadows; For softer, longer shadows, shoot as the sun descends in the sky.

6. Shoot Experimental at Night

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Don’t be afraid to take your camera with you when you go out at night. Cities and sky truly come to life at night. Don’t miss the opportunity to take impressive photos while spending your night among people or in a secluded area. Place your camera on a flat surface or portable tripod for best results when shooting a sky full of sparkling stars and to prevent camera shake. You can find the choice that gives the best result by experimenting. In addition to the sky and stars, city lights and building lighting can provide you with excellent photos. As I said at first, it is not clear where and what will come out, you need to be ready at all times.

Let us know the other useful tips for travel photography tips for beginners in the comments below!

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Written by Yiğit Mete Han

My name is Yiğit Mete HAN and I live in a touristic city in Turkey its name is Kuşadası. 20 years old and studying at Selçuk University/Konya. Our faculty Tourism and the department is Tourism Guidance. I love travelling and write about my travelling stories.

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