7 – 13 December: Travel During the Pandemic

travel during the pandemic

Since we accept that the pandemic will be a long period, new domestic and international improvements enable us to travel during the pandemic. In this process, countries give privileges to tourists, chefs bring a different perspective to the catering sector, new places we can experience and vehicles that we can use are opened. Let’s have a look at what happened this week around the world!

Hotel Suites Become Restaurants

Undoubtedly, the catering sector is one of the most affected ones due to Covid-19 pandemic. The restaurants will not serve until no specific date. So chefs and restaurant owners expanded their home service applications, prepared sets for customers to cook their own meals. But none of them help us to feel the ambiance of a restaurant. But for now, there is a space for customers. The hotel suites!

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With some renovations, hotel rooms became private dining rooms. Some US hotels started implementing this dining experience. Customers can also accommodate in the hotel after dinner. In this way, the hotels increase their incomes and the customers are able to get service in a safe environment.

Lockdown in Turkey – Except For the Tourist

Turkey declared lockdown on weekends due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Citizens are just able to meet their needs such as going to the market or pharmacy. But tourists can wander around Turkey. Even in İstanbul most of the historic places and hotels are just open for the tourists on weekends.

travel during the pandemic
Galata Tower in Istanbul

In addition, Turkey does not oblige most of the international tourist to stay in quarantine. Also, Turkey, especially Istanbul is known for its crowd. But in this lockdown period, tourists can visit the historical and natural sites safely and exclusively.

Deepest Diving Pool in the World Opened in Poland

The world’s largest diving pool that will give you the feeling of being in the ocean is opened in Poland, near Warsaw. The pool’s design is suitable for all levels of divers. It is offering crystal-clear water and also has a  small wreck for scuba and free divers.

Besides the diving training, there are other functions of this pool. There is an underwater tunnel, hotel, and conference rooms looking to the pool.

New Cross-border Sleepover Trains in Europe

Four new cross-border sleeper trains will be available across Europe. In 2021 train voyages will start between Vienna and Paris, also between Zurich and Amsterdam. The two other voyages are planned to be started in December 2023 and December 2024.  They will be trains Vienna-Paris via Berlin and Brussels and Zurich-Barcelona.

Google Announced Trending Travel Researches 2020

Google announced the most searched words about travel in 2020. The searched words on Google enable us to be informed about the subjects that society is most curious and concerned about. Although  “coronavirus”  was the top trending search worldwide, the pandemic has obviously had an impact on questions related to travel.

The most trending term was ‘virtual’. Virtual museums, virtual travel, and something that can be done on the computer are the most trending topics during the pandemic. If you want to learn more, check out the whole list.

Bonus : New Zealand’s Forest of Hope

Tourism New Zealand partnered with Trees That Count to build a Forest Of Hope with the contribution of people from all over the world. The trees will be planted at some of the iconic New Zealand destinations. Also, the donators who plant trees will have an opportunity to visit their trees when New Zealand start welcoming tourists. If you want to support this movement, you can visit the official website.

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