8 – 14 February News: Hans Christian Andersen Museum

hans christian andersen museum

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Don’t worry, our weekly news is not about Valentine’s Day! The pandemic continues to increase around the world at full speed again, but there is promising travel news giving us hope. This week we will look at the news that is about space, technological improvements, and the opening of the Hans Christian Andersen museum.

While the pandemic continues to increase, our wanderlust is growing. We are not so sure how the summer will look like in terms of restrictions. However, again this year, staying safe while traveling during the pandemic will be an important issue for all the travelers. Be ready and prepared to be well informed in advance and make your search. Enjoy your week!

A Potentially Habitable Planet has Discovered

Within the scope of the New Earths in the Alpha Centauri Region (NEAR) project, researchers found a new planet that is suitable for living. It is located in the star Alpha Centauri A, 4.37 light-years from Earth. The potential new planet is four to five times larger than Earth.

Habitable Planet

This research is also important with the type of discovery of a planet. This is the first time that scientists can photograph the habitable zone of a star. It is a breakthrough in the discovery of new exoplanets. If you want additional information, you can read the whole report.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum Will Open In Denmark

We all know Hans Christian Andersen with his fairy tales. “The Little Mermaid”, “The Ugly Duckling” and many more are from its work. Now to keep memories alive, the fairytale-inspired museum will open in Odense, Denmark where the author is born.

hans christian andersen museum

The architectural type of the museum is explained as ” where a small world suddenly expands to a bigger universe” by the architects. Also, the museum will be surrounded by whimsical gardens.

First Robot Bartender in a Cruise Ship

I want to introduce you, Rob, he can speak eight languages, dance, and mix your perfect cocktails! And he is a robot. Actually, he is the first humanoid in a cruise ship working as a bartender.  With a human-like appearance, he is ready to serve you perfectly.

Covid-19 Updates From The Countries

To be able to go to Canada, you have to get a negative test result before departure, being tested negative in arrival and a mandatory three-day hotel stay. If you want to go to England after 15 February, you need to book 2 Covid testes after arrival and quarantine 10 days in a hotel or self-isolate.

Bonus: A Challenge for Feeding Astronauts- Win up to $25k

NASA started ” Deep Space Food Challenge” to find a solution for the lack of fresh food for the astronauts. The U.S and international teams are asked to produce new food technologies. The key elements of the challenge are that the solution must fulfill the needs for three years and improve the accessibility of food on Earth.

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