8 – 14 March Travel News: Hotel with Robot Staff

hotel with robot staff

We got used to pandemic conditions like everything else and alternative solutions started to be produced worldwide. This week, I collected some destination news from all around the world to help you to read a quick backup of the week. Also, there is the first hotel with robot staff in Africa. I hope you enjoy this week’s travel news!

First Hotel in Africa with Robot Staff

Hotel Sky in Sandton, Johannesburg opened with three robot staff in November 2020. Lexi, Micah, and Ariel; robot staff can carry baggage, give information, serve, and many more. They are described as “fashionistas at heart with a love for trends, hospitality, technology, and South Africa.” by the hotel manager Brit. Guests have the opportunity to choose human staff as well.

Hotel Sky in Sandton controls the desires via the Hotel Sky app. ”There is a balance between robot and human interaction. The robots will never replace the people at our properties, as our staff matter so much to us.” Brit says. If you are thinking of robots who will take jobs from humans, take a look at this hotel. In other words, they are very useful for guests and staff without being a threat to them.

How About a Quarantine Period in a Yacht, in Thailand?

One of the important reasons why we do not prefer going abroad is the long mandatory quarantine period. So to solve this tourism crisis, Thailand will start a new program soon. This program will include 100 yachts in Phuket. The visitors will wear smart wristbands which detect their location and vital signs. After this quarantine- holiday, they can continue their journey freely.

thailand nature

Thailand had taken steps before to make the quarantine period more desirable for tourists. Golf quarantine is one of them. If a tourist tested negative after three days of room-quarantine, S/he is free to use the whole resort without any restrictions. In conclusion, Thailand seems to continue offering other desirable quarantine options.

Valencia Will Be the First City to Measure CO2 Emissions of Tourists

Valencia, Spain is taking action to reduce the carbon footprint left by the tourists. The city declared that 1.3 million tons of carbon emissions are because of the tourists visiting the city. Visit Valencia and Global Omnium partnered and prepared a report. And according to the report the main reason, 81% of the emission is transportation; airlines, and cars.

Valencia from above

But while the emissions of tourists in accommodation are so high, locals make up only 1% of it. The authorities think that tourists are also included in the ecosystem of their cities. Attempts will start for the city and the aim is to switch Valencia to carbon-neutral tourism by 2025.

Japan Buddhist Temples are Searching for Tech Solutions to Survive

The pandemic has closed the income generation channels of spiritual places; Japanese Buddhist temples as well as in all areas. Like others, as a result, Buddhist temples also used technology to solve this problem. Ryosoku-in, a Zen temple in Kyoto created a new Zen meditation app including hosting online memorials and partnering with local sake (rice wine) makers. Approximately 77,000 Buddhist temples across Japan are orientated in the app.

Tsukiji Hongwan-ji, a Jodo Shinshu temple in Tokyo has also attempted to be integrated with technology. They have been giving online memorials since last May. Moreover, they want to add matchmaking and yoga classes. “Just like responds to the various needs of customers online, a temple can do the same,” a representative director of the temple says.

Bonus: You Can Win a Year of Free Flights by Downloading an App

app in the air

If you are a legal U.S or UK resident, you can attend the contest by just downloading the App In The Air (AITA) and answer questions. AITA is an app for booking exclusive flights and hotels. To back up a year without flight, the price is a year’s worth of flights. For an additional chance, you can submit a video or photo on social media. You will explain how you will make-up this year by traveling.

Thanks for reading! Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and let us know your plans to visit the new tourist attractions this year!

See you next week with more travel news!

Written by Fatma Say


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