8 – 14 November News: Winter Train In Canada

Winter Train in Canada

Hey everyone! After a week apart I’m back in here with my news. As for always, I have good news for you and for the world. This week there is news about natural beauties which are; winter train among the snows in Canada, California’s Sequoia National Park’ reopening, and a new resort in The Maldives. Also, there is news about how the lawmakers pushing the government for covid-19 flight rules in the United States. Scroll down to read the details. I wish you the best week and please don’t forget to take care of yourself. I hope we will meet here the next week!!

The Lawmakers Pushing the Government

aisle in the plane

A huge mess in the flight industry! The lawmakers start pushing the government to require proof of full vaccination or a negative coronavirus test on domestic flights. They also said that extending vaccine and testing mandates to domestic air travel would boost Americans’ confidence and keep everyone healthy. By the way, that’s not the first time that the lawmakers pushing the federal government about covid-19 travel rules. We’ll see what will Biden say to all of this.

Winter Train Among the Snows in Canada

Winter train in Canada

Winter is almost here, so let me help you to plan your winter vacations. Vacations by Rail is offering you a train ride from Banff to Vancouver for 9 epic days. The company says “You’ll take an ice walk in Johnston Canyon, discover Banff National Park and its wildlife, and relax with a sleigh ride set against the backdrop of the beautiful Canadian Rockies.” Also, you will be informed about how the natural beauties formed in Canada during the ride. Do not worry about your comfort because you are going to relax later what I say; you will be staying in a hotel at night! You can have lot more pieces of information on the company’s website. I’m all done.

California’s Sequoia National Park is Reopened

California's Sequoia National Park is Reopened

California’s Sequoia National Park has reopened on November 11th United Nations public holiday Veteran’s Day. You might ask why it was closed because the natural beauty was fighting with wildfires earlier this year. From Nov. 11th nature lovers can visit the park by starting at 7 am. And for the safety of the park, it will remain for day use only and some of the areas will not be welcoming the visitors.

The Maldives New Resort: Joali Being

Joali Being

Heaven on the Earth, a dream place for every single person on the world, you know what I’m talking about, The Maldives. I don’t know what you call this place, it’s welcoming for the visitors with a new resort. This resort opened to help people to reconnect with their inner being and immerse themself in nature. Located on the secluded island of Bodufushi in the Raa Atoll, is opening on November 15th. “Joali Being is a wellbeing retreat unlike any other in the world; it is a transformative destination aimed to inspire and ignite the very deepest of mindful connections to one’s self, one another, and one’s environment by enhancing our relationship with the surrounding natural world, our bodies, and our minds,” said the general manager of the resort Özgür Cengiz.

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