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Accessible Travel Tour Companies

accessible travel tour companies

Traveling is a passion for many of us, yet it may be harder for someone with limited mobility and other handicaps to travel. However, in today’s world, there are many options for accessible tours. So, we listed some of the accessible travel tour companies in the list below for travelers who want to explore the world without any barriers. There are many accessible travel and tour operators out there, contact a couple of them, compare them, and see which ones fit your needs and purpose.

Accessible Travel Tour Companies

Intrepid TravelAsiaVisit website
No Limits ToursSloveniaVisit website
Disabled Accessible TravelNetherlandsVisit website
Travel LeadersUSAVisit website
Wheelchair EscapesEuropeVisit website
Easy Access TravelUSAVisit website
Sage TravelingEuropeVisit website
Spin The Globe TravelUSAVisit website
Wheel The WorldUSAVisit website

Things To Consider Before Booking A Trip

Read reviews on the various travel and tour operators who operate in your area and in the area you wish to travel to. Contact them and be as precise and concise as you can be regarding your needs and your physical or other limitations that you wish them to take into consideration when giving you options like for the accommodation, tourist sites, layover times, and other activities. In a nutshell, give the travel or tour operator an idea of you and your limitations and expectations.

Accessible Travel Tour Companies

Another important rule always has backup plans when on the trip, keep another route, venue, or location in your plans as things may happen at the last moment like weather, blocked roads, or other unforeseen situations which may leave you in an uncomfortable situation of not knowing another tourist site to visit. Always discuss alternate accommodation or sites to see with your accessible travel or tour operator before finalizing the booking and commencing the trip.

We would like to expand our list with your help. Therefore, if you can comment below about the accessible travel tour companies that you were happy with their service, we would be gladly updating our list!

Written by Rizah Taufiq

Moderator, Accessible Travel at Travelinsightpedia

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