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Belfast Travel Guide: Best Places to See in Belfast

Belfast Travel Guide

The beautiful city of Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. It’s well-known for being the birthplace of the RMS Titanic. Belfast has so much to offer including history, art, culture, and nightlife. Hoping to plan a visit soon? Use this Belfast travel guide to ensure you hit all the best spots in the city! Here are some of the best places to see in Belfast that you won’t want to miss.

Cathedral Quarter

Belfast Cathedral Quarter

Apart from being one of the most Instagram‑worthy places in Belfast, Cathedral Quarter is an energetic part of the city. There are plenty of bars to choose from to grab a pint, many of which feature live music that brings these cobblestone streets to life throughout the day and night.

Titanic Museum

Belfast Travel guide

The Titanic Museum is such an interesting building, both inside and out. It sits at the head of the slipway where the Titanic was built. At night, lights in the ground illuminate in the outline of the ship.

Belfast Peace Wall

Belfast Peace Wall

The Troubles, which only concluded in 1998, are a significant part of Northern Ireland’s history. This wall was built as a divide between Catholics and Protestants, however, it was not a religious conflict, it was political. Today, the wall stretches several kilometers and is covered in writing and murals.

Victoria Square

Belfast Victoria square

This indoor/outdoor shopping mall was one of my favorite places to shop in the city. It has 70+ stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The most unique part about this complex is the observation deck. Take the elevator as high as it will go and you will have a stunning 360-degree view of Belfast.

Titanic Quarter

Titanic quarter Belfast

Titanic Quarter is a cute place in the city to go for a stroll. Here, you can stop for a picture at the Big Fish, marvel at the architecture of Albert Memorial Clock, and walk over the Lagan River bridge which lights up beautifully at night.

Belfast Castle

Belfast Travel guide

Sitting near the base of the popular hiking trail Cavehill, this 12th-century castle is one of the many gems of Northern Ireland. You can even grab a quick bite or a pint at its restaurant or tavern.

St. George Market

Belfast St George Market

One of my favorite places in Belfast, St. George Market is a lively place to enjoy the weekend. There’s a booth for nearly any kind of food you can imagine, fresh produce, live entertainment, and countless handmade items for sale.


Limelight Belfast travel guide

If you’re looking for a great nightclub, Limelight is the place to be. With three different rooms playing three different genres of music, nightly drink specials, a rooftop terrace, roaming professional photographers (taking FREE photos), and chances to win free entry on social media, this nightclub really has it all.

Don’t forget to leave your thougths and comments on Belfast travel guide! What are your favorite places to see in Belfast?

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