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Best Beaches in Esperance, Western Australia

Esperance WA

Esperance is a small coastal town located 8 hours south of Perth in Western Australia. It could possibly be one of the most famous beaches in WA and is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches. We recently explored Esperance and this is our top pick of the many beaches. So, here are the best beaches in Esperance in Western Australia!

Blue Haven Bay

Best Beaches in Esperance

We spent the morning driving along the coast looking at all the beaches that the townsite had to offer and this was one of our favourite spots! We parked ourselves up on a rock and soaked in all the goodness that this little beach had to offer. On our way out, we met one of the locals and his two dogs who go to Blue Haven every day for their morning walk, how lucky are they?!

Lucky Bay

Best Beaches in Esperance

Next up, the iconic Lucky Bay – this is probably the place you think of when you hear about Esperance. This beach is pretty picture perfect and the photos don’t really do it justice. As you drive in over the little hill you get a glimpse of the bright blue water and it blows you away. The beach was rock-hard and there were even people with old school cars down on the beach, along with vans and other “non-4wd” vehicles. We took some footage of the old cars and put it into our Esperance YouTube video on Sarah and Keelan Travels if you don’t believe us!! You’ll also see where the “squeaky white sand” saying comes from… the sand literally squeaks as you walk/drive on it! It is bizarre! If you are lucky like us, you’ll also see the cute little kangaroos.

Cape Le Grand Beach

Best Beaches in Esperance

Our third pick is Cape Le Grande Beach. We parked up here for most of one of our days. Keelan spent his time surfing, while Sarah was on “Shark watch”, no just kidding! but seriously… Esperance is well known for its sharks! Sarah walked up the top of the rock-face that is to the left when you first drive onto Cape Le Grand Beach. The views were amazing! As you can see in the photo. There are two campsites in the national park that are run by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. We want to try to book the Lucky Bay or Cape Le Grand campsite next time we are in Esperance. They looked epic!!

Esperance is somewhere you will want to stay awhile. There are so much to explore and do and so many beautiful places to see. We only stayed for a few days and it was not enough. We will be back at the end of this year and cannot wait to explore the parts we didn’t get to visit this time. Currently, we are preparing for our big lap of Australia in our caravan.

If you would like to follow our adventures, head over to Sarah and Keelan Travels on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook! Thanks for reading.

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