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Best Breakfast Places in Moscow

Since then, you’ve learned more about Indian, Greek, Turkish, Thai, Dutch, and other cuisines. Now, let me give you a sneak peek of Russian cuisine with some of the best breakfast places in Moscow.

Many of you heard and read about classic and traditional Russian dishes such as dumplings (pelmeni), Russian salad (Olivier), pancakes (blini), and others. Weird or not, but when Russians go out, they rarely choose Russian cuisine because it is considered to be something you cook and eat at home. However, this tradition has started to change in recent years, and we see a rise in the number of restaurants that serve Russian cuisine in Moscow. Modern Russian cuisine pays tribute to the classic Russian and Soviet dishes but also satisfies the tastes of young generations who travel a lot and are open to new combinations and flavors.

I’m going to take you with me to some of the best places for breakfast in Moscow and show you what a Russian breakfast is. Why breakfast? It’s my favorite meal of the day! Whereas you are on a trip, on a romantic date or it’s a regular busy Monday, going out for a breakfast guarantees you have a great day.

Remy Kitchen Bakery

A modern and light interior that combines tiles, concrete, and velvet. Located in the center of Moscow, this place looks appropriate for both business and romantic breakfasts.

Best Breakfast Places in Moscow
Photo by Remy Kitchen Bakery

All types of pancakes are extremely popular in Russia. Pancakes from zucchini are not an exception, this is a common Russian breakfast that we cook at home. In Remy Kitchen Bakery traditional zucchini pancakes are served with Stracciatella which gives Italian flavor to this Russian dish.

Pinot Restaurant Bar

Pinot is a small restaurant located in an area with the highest concentration of restaurants in Moscow. You can barely have an intimate chat here because the place is cramped and always crowded but that gives some Parisian charm to the restaurant. The breakfast menu is an exciting mix of European and Russian cuisine.

Best Breakfast Places in Moscow
Photo by Pinot Restaurant Bar

There is an opinion that Russians add caviar to every dish. As we know, there is a grain of truth in every joke! We add caviar to pancakes, aspic, devilled eggs, spaghetti, tartines, and many more. Pinot’s variation, caviar with cream cheese and onion, looks so traditionally Russian yet so modern and fresh.


This is another tiny restaurant in the same area in Moscow. It is well-hidden but absolutely worth wandering in back alleys. The interior design gives you the impression that you are admitted to a secret place, somewhat gothic and perfectly peaceful. 

Photo by Daria Plava

Russian breakfast = syrniki (fried pancakes from curd cheese). This dogma is supported by many expats in Russia, not only Russians. If you open a breakfast menu in a Russian restaurant and you don’t see syrniki there, well, at the very least it is strange.

If you plan to stay in Moscow for a while, you can start a food blog by comparing different recipes and servings of syrniki in different places. Those of Negodniki is one of my favorites but everyone here has their own standards for syrniki.    

CHEESE connection

When you get tired of syrniki (is it even possible?) you can go look for other options from curd cheese.  For example, a hot pie from melted curd cheese. It tastes as delicious as it looks and sounds. It’s rich, filling, and surprisingly not too sweet.  

Best Breakfast Places in Moscow
Photo by CHEESE Connection

Did you already notice that all featured dishes contain this or that type of cheese? Dairy products are traditionally much-loved in Russia, especially curd cheese (or quark) that we also often eat plain. Among other popular breakfasts in Russia are all types of egg dishes and porridge which are always present in the breakfast menu in restaurants.

I hope you are at least intrigued by the dishes and the best breakfast places in Moscow that I mentioned. Don’t forget to save my post for your upcoming trip to Moscow! And, please leave your comments below!

Written by Maria Zamyatina

Independent traveler & Translator || Embroidery artist & Amateur sketcher

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