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Best Culinary Destinations In The World

best culinary destinations in the world

Food is an indispensable part of our lives. When we are happy, we share our joy at crowded tables, and when we are depressed, we find ourselves in chocolate shops. Food, which is also an important part of travel, is one of the best and fun ways to get to know a culture. Let’s look at the best 5 culinary destinations in the world that you will admire and want to cancel your return ticket!

1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 

When it comes to US cuisine, everybody thinks about similar things: fast food, donuts, examples from world cuisine…

crab on a plate

But New Orleans has a much more autonomous and special cuisine than the rest of the country. The best street food, stylish restaurants, local cuisine, and international cuisine wait for you here. Bon Appetit! If you are interested in history, you can make more research to learn the history of New Orleans food

Must try: gumbo, chargrilled oysters, blackened redfish, boudin, BBQ shrimp, muffuletta sandwiches, jambalaya, crawfish, red beans and rice, pralines, beignets, bananas foster, glazed fork

2. Mexico City, Mexico

Another city that will impress you incredibly with its people, history, rich cuisine, and drinking culture: Mexico City!

best culinary destinations in the world

In this city, you will want to spend your entire day eating. The people of this city love to eat and feed! You will get lost in the street flavors and spend your whole day in classical Cantina Mexicana’s. You will also find quality and stylish fine dining restaurants.

Must try: taco al pastor, tacos de canasta, quesadillas, churros mexicanos, mole sauce, blue corn tlacoyos, tamales, tequila & mezcal 

3. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, the romantic city of the Middle East, calls you with its delicious flavors. The things you tasted here will always remain in your memory.

humus frım Lebanon

In this city, which is a blend of Mediterranean culture and Middle Eastern cuisine; you will find plenty of fresh fish, seafood, olives, olive oil, vegetables, fruits and thyme. There are also delicious options in red and white meat. You will love the region’s history and food!

Must try: hummus, kibbeh, tabule, lebeniye soup, falafel, mutabbal, muhammara, kafta, samke harra, fattoush, manakish

 4. Bordeaux, France

Although Paris fascinates us with its croissant-coffee mornings, the spirit of art and its streets, it is impossible not to turn our route to Bordeaux when talking about culinary cities.

best culinary destinations in the world

Which one of us can say no to the world-famous Bordeaux wines! In addition, great desserts and delicious seafood will be waiting for us to be tasted. You can have romantic meals in elegant restaurants and also you can have street snacks in Bordeaux.

Must try: oysters, mussels, entrecôte à la bordelaise, cannelés de Bordeaux, dunes blanches, macarons de Saint-Émilion, caviar d’aquitaine, wine

5. Tel Aviv, Israel 

This young and fun city also has a great gastronomy.

best culinary destinations in the world

In this city, you can try delicious examples of the cuisine of the Middle East, you can eat fast street snacks, you can drink amazing soups called ‘hangover medicine’, and you can taste seafood in luxurious restaurants. Tel Aviv is also famous for its vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Delicious examples of world cuisine are also waiting for you.

Must try: sabich, shawarma, shakshuka, challah bread, hummus, falafel, tahini, burekas, krembo, braised zucchini, charred cauliflower, local wine

BONUS: Istanbul!

You can learn the delicious street food you can eat in Istanbul, the entertainment center of the Middle East, by clicking our article on the post below.

What are The Best Culinary Destinations in the World in your opinion? Do not forget to write in the comments!

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Written by Doga Ozkan

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