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Best Places to Visit in Bodrum, Turkey

Best places to visit in Bodrum Turkey

Turkish poet Cevat Şakir Kabağaçlı said, “Nobody who comes here doesn’t leave as they come, their minds always stay in Bodrum”. Let’s explore the beautiful Bodrum, for which poems and songs are written, together. So, here are some of the best places to visit in Bodrum, Turkey!


best places to visit in Bodrum Turkey

Our first stop is Turgutreis. This is a largely residential area with a long beach and a beautiful marina, quieter than the rest of Bodrum. In the morning, we go to the cafe called Yeşilköy, which is hidden like a little paradise in the middle of the city for breakfast. This is a family-run business where everything is homemade and very tasty, I recommend it to everyone. We prefer Sianji Well-Being Resort for hotel and sea. The sea is clean, the area is wide and the food is delicious. Salt Kitchen will be a good choice for watching the sunset and having a delicious meal at dinner. After your meal, you can visit the small shops and the marina along the coastline. Finally, you can take a day trip to Kos from here.

Bodrum Center

best places to visit in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum center is quite crowded compared to other places. My suggestion is that you can enjoy the unique bays with boat tours during the day. There are many businesses along the coastline, in one of them you can have a nice meal against the castle and enjoy coffee. You can buy everything as a gift from the big bazaar here. If you are considering a touristic trip, I recommend you to see the underwater museum, Halicarnassus, ancient theater and Bodrum castle.


best places to visit in Bodrum Turkey

We can almost call Yalıkavak the Istanbul of Bodrum with its quite large marina, luxury stores, and popular venues. Since the sea is wavy, we preferred Yalıkavak just to have a pleasant meal at the marina in the evening and to soak up the day.



Gumusluk is undoubtedly one of the cutest and favorite places in Bodrum. During the day, you can visit the ancient ruins and walk to the rabbit island from the sea. It is a region with a very nice bazaar and very pleasant cafes. You can choose the fishermen in the bazaar or the restaurants on the hill to watch the sunset with a unique dinner. We used our choice in favor of the newly opened Greta. It has a magnificent view of the hills of Gumusluk, the food is very delicious, the service is very good, the employees are very polite. We were very satisfied.    



You should definitely go to Cennet Bay here, it is one of the truly unique corners of Bodrum, where there is a clean sea where green and blue meet. Don’t forget to take your camping chairs and umbrella with you.

Bodrum has many more beautiful locations, you should spare at least 6-7 days. I shared my own journey with some of the best places to visit in Bodrum, Turkey! Everyone’s holiday expectations are very different, find what will be good for you and set out accordingly. Life is short, when you explore the world around you, you discover the world inside. Come on, the road is open, travel so you feel alive.

Written by İrem Erol

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