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Best Things to Do in Cambridge: Get Inspired by a City of History

best things to do in cambridge

Cambridge, one of the most important cities in England, is the largest city in the state of Cambridgeshire. The city has a history of more than 2,000 years. You can reach there with a 1-hour train journey from London and the city center is about 20 minutes walking distance from the train station. The Cam river divides the city into two. Since there are many bridges on the river, its name is a combination of the words Cam and Bridge, Cambridge.

Cambridge is one of England’s leading student cities. Another one is Oxford, which has a history of thousands of years too. I am sure there is no one among you who has not heard of Cambridge University.

best things to do in cambridge
Cambridge University

Cambridge University, founded in 1209, is the 3rd oldest university in the world. Reflecting the history, architecture, and natural beauties of the city, the school is known for being founded by academics who left the University of Oxford.

However, do not think of the university as a single campus. A total of 32 college campuses, each of which is independent of the other, is named Cambridge University.

Cambridge University is also considered the birthplace of the computer, mathematician Charles Babbage designed the world’s first computing system in the 1800s.

Among the most important colleges are the following:

  • Trinity College
  • King’s College
  • St. John’s College
  • Queen’s College
  • Darwin College
Trinity College
Trinity College

Best Things to Do in Cambridge

So let me list you some of the best things to do in Cambridge during your trip to this beautiful historic city:

  • Visit college campuses.
  • Visit Cambridge University Botanic Garden, it holds a plant collection of over 8,000 plant species from all over the world to facilitate teaching and research. The garden was created for the University of Cambridge in 1831.
  • Attend Punting Tours, you can take a ride on the river by riding the rafts that university students work to earn their pocket money.
  • Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, it is a museum of archaeological artifacts, antiquities, applied arts and fine arts. Entrance to the museum is free and annual visitors exceed approximately 300,000.
  • Enjoy the city view by climbing the tower at St. Mary’s Church.
  • Visit all Saint’s Garden Art and Craft market on Saturdays.
  • The Cambridge Gin Laboratory, you can have a gin tasting by visiting.
  • See Wooden Bridge, known as the Mathematical Bridge as well, Wooden Bridge was the first bridge to connect the two parts of Queen’s College and was built using mathematical principles.
best things to do in cambridge
Wooden Bridge, known as Mathematical Bridge as well

Due to being a student city, the city offers a wide range of opportunities for visitors in terms of social, cultural, and entertainment. The city also has plenty of delicious choices of places to eat, drink, and accommodation.

2 days is enough to visit the city and visit the campuses. Since many tourists go to the city in summer, spring or autumn months are more recommended.

I would definitely recommend adding Cambridge to your list as a weekend trip.


Written by Hale Bozkurt

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