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Best Travel Marketing Campaigns of the Countries in 2021

best travel marketing campaigns

Every year, countries are in a hurry to make the best travel and tourism marketing campaigns. They have to take the attention of the potential tourists within 1 to 3 minutes. Usually, they publish videos before entering summer or at the beginning of the year. Their campaigns are basically based on the features they want to highlight in their country.

In general, natural and historical beauties are shown in the videos. But, this year current pandemic conditions are also included in the videos. In addition, sometimes there are videos that concern all humanity. Come on, let’s watch the best travel marketing campaigns that I choose for you together! And don’t forget to write your own favorites.

Israel – Welcome Back to Israel!

When you start the video a woman meets you and gives you information about Israel. The video emphasizes how safe Israel is under pandemic conditions. And the whole video is really catchy. I’m sure you want to go to Israel after watching the video!

Portugal – Hello World. It’s me, Tomorrow.

With the thought ” Tomorrow is Today ”, Portugal wants us to be hopeful! They say ” Let’s change today and visit tomorrow”. They are calling us for a reunion! The perspective of the video can inspire us all.

South Africa – Because South Africa

Unlike other videos, South Africa advises South African citizens to take care of the country. The video emphasizes that there are so many beauties in the country and South African citizens are the ones who need to own and protect it. Don’t wait for someone else, make the difference by yourself!

Turkey – Choose Your Memories

Turkey has a simple but expressive video. In the video, Turkey tries to show people as many attractions as it can. The whole video depends on the coastline of Turkey. Who wouldn’t be attracted by these natural and historical beauties?

Japan – Unleash Your Wanderlust in Japan

In the video, Japan wants to express its modern and traditional sides. Tourists coming to Japan will be able to find Japan’s rich history, natural beauties, and modernity together. It seems that there is a place for everyone in Japan!

Greece – All You Want is Greece

Greece starts with people who listed the problems that came with the pandemic. Then, to get rid of them, the message was tried to be given that Greece is the most adequate and most beautiful place. Give a chance tıo Greece if you want to get rid of your responsibilities!

Argentina – 2021 is now

Argentina begins by reminding us of how our lives went during the pandemic. Then takes a turn for reminding us that it’s time to go out and live our lives. Towards the end of the video, Argentina offers a section of its natural beauties.

Let us know the best travel marketing campaigns of 2021 in the comments below! Which one was your favourite?

Written by Fatma Say


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