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Bordeaux Travel Guide: Discover with a Local

Bordeaux Travel Guide

Time to speak about the Bordeaux travel Guide! Bordeaux is one of the most visited cities in France. Located on the west coast of France, Bordeaux is only 2 hours by train from Paris and 1 hour or less from Spain by plane. In the 18th century, it was the most important harbor thanks to the triangular trade. They were mostly exporting wine. Nowadays it is famous for its architecture monuments, wine production, and its location near the ocean.

1. Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Emily I am 21 years old, currently living and studying in Bordeaux, France. I have lived here my entire life except for last year I studied in the Czech Republic with the Erasmus program. I love languages and traveling the world, I speak fluently French, English, and a bit of Spanish. Every year I am discovering new cities and countries. I would say that I like my comfort so my traveling style is between backpacking and luxury.

Now, let’s keep on with our Bordeaux Travel Guide!

Bordeaux Travel Guide
Aerial View of Bordeaux, France

2. Duration of Ideal Stay and Visiting Season

I think the best time to come visit is between April and June, as the weather starts to become warmer usually 20-25 degrees. Then if you want to avoid tourists come back in September it is still 25-35 degrees. But do not worry in winter it is not freezing we don’t have snow anymore. The duration of your stay depends on your activities, for the city in itself you need 2 or 3 days, and add one day if you want to visit a wine city, one for the beach and we have “La dune du Pilat” which is the tallest sand dune in Europe. You can walk because famous monuments are located in the center otherwise transportation is really accessible.

La dune du Pilat, Bordeaux
La dune du Pilat

3. How To Get To Bordeaux City Center From Airport?

Bordeaux airport is actually “Aeroporto de Bordeaux Merignac” is located 10km from the city center in another city called Merignac. You can take bus number 1 at the airport and go to the city center. It cost 1,70€ and takes around 45 minutes. Of course, you can take a cab which can be expensive but quicker. The airport has a lot of destinations in all of Europe. You can find a really good price with low-cost companies such as Ryanair or EasyJet.

4. Where To Accommodate in Bordeaux?

You can find different offers regarding accommodation. It is a big city so the price can be expensive. First of all, there is the famous Airbnb which costs around 30€ per night. Hostels are 10 to 30€ more expensive. Try to find a place near the city center if you want to go out at night. I did not try anything as I lived there so I can not help you.

Bordeaux Travel Guide

5. Bordeaux City Transportation

If you want to visit the center you can walk to. Otherwise, we have different ways of transportation. I would like to add that public transports go around Bordeaux so you can find an apartment in the suburb (Pessac, Talence, Bruges, etc). All are listed on the same website:

You can find the prices are on the website. Also, it is cheaper to buy 2 or 10 tickets at the same time or a week ticket, etc. Tickets are the same for buses, tramways, and boats.

There is also the app for android and iPhone if you prefer “tbm-tram, bus, bat3” where you can find maps of the city, timetable, look for an itinerary, etc. Unfortunately, you can not buy a ticket on the app you have to download another one called “witick” just for a ticket. You can also buy a ticket at every tramway station. So we have buses where you can buy a ticket inside. There are 4 tramway lines.

You can get your subscription via the website or the app of the Velib

Velib which are bicycles that you can rent. They are available at the tramway stations, the first 30min are offered so it is funny to come home at night for example.

And there is a boat that you can use your bus ticket on it. You can cross the river by boat and come back by the bridge or the boat again.

6. Suggested Budget for Bordeaux

As in daily life, your expenses will be accommodation and food. A hotel can cost around 40€-60€ and Airbnb let’s say 30€ per night. About food, supermarkets are in the average, restaurants started at 13€ for main dishes to more. The average for dinner is 20-25€. I would suggest not to take your breakfast at the hotel as the prices are ridiculously high! You can eat a good breakfast in the bakery. So around 50-60€ per day without souvenirs and attractions.

7. Best Things To Do in Bordeaux

Now let’s get to the most important part of my travel guide of Bordeaux. There is a lot to visit but first of all the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with quite old monuments.

Place de la Bourse and City Center
bordeaux travel guide
Miroir d’Eau located across from Place de la Bourse

In the city center you can walk among the river, it is a pedestrian path. In the middle, there is the “Miroir d’Eau” -water mirror- where is reflecting the Place de la Bourse as currently the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux. There are also some shops (such as Lindt).

La Cité du Vin/Wine Museum
Bordeaux Travel Guide

The building is quite modern for the free attraction you can visit the wine cellar. Otherwise, there is always exhibitions, souvenir boutique, and even a restaurant. You can also check their website for more information:

Pey-Berland Tower
Bordeaux Travel Guide
The tower offers a full view of theBordeaux city

To see the city from above, you can climb to the “Pey-Berland Tower”. In fact, it is the tower of Saint André Cathedral.

Place des Quinconces
Place des Quinconces
A night view of “Place des Quinconces” from the opposite side of the river

“Place des Quinconces” is the place where all the tramways are going to. There is a very big statue with horses in honor of the football team and sometimes if you get lucky the funfair Ferris wheel.

Saint Catherine Street

Saint Catherine street famous for being the longest pedestrian street in Europe (1.2km) and it is just about shops! You can find an Apple store, Pull&Bear, Sephora, Hema, etc. The theater located at the beginning of the street listed above.

Marché des Capucins

During weekends the big market “Marché des Capucins” where you can find and eat food from all over the world!


On the other side of the bridge, you can find the hippie neighborhood called “darwin”. Really nice and colorful with street art.

Garden Recommendations
  • Botanical Garden and
  • Public Garden (Jardin Public)

Around the city the most common city for beach and chill is Arcachon, there is the sand dune, and for wine lovers Saint Emilion.

Nightlife in Bordeaux

You need to be 18 to drink alcohol and go to a club in France. Usually, they check your ID. The best club is “the Base”. And you can find all the bars and pubs in the “Place de la Victoire”. The best pub is “Barberousse”.

The Base, Bordeaux
The Base, Bordeaux

Special Events in Bordeaux

In June the wine festival and the river festival. A lot of cruises are coming and important boats. Also, the crossing of the river by swimming it is very impressive. The official website for tourist is

Bordeaux Tours

You can find the tourism office between Place des Quinconces and the theater. You can find the all tours there.

8. What To Eat/Drink in Bordeaux?

Now, I am going to take you to the most delicious part of my travel guide for Bordeaux.


The local pastry is called “canelé” the best shops to try are “Baillardran” and “La Toque Cuivrée”.

Bordeaux Travel Guide
No country in the world offers a more varied oyster experience than France

As the city is near the ocean, you can try an oyster.

Brunch and Cafe

For brunch, “L’Oiseau Cabosse” is really good. Restaurants are reunited in Saint Rémi street. For tea time “La Vie en Rose”.

Pubs and Bars
Bordeaux Travel Guide
Place de la Victoire

During the night it is very common for people to meet in the “Place de la Victoire” where you can find all the pubs and bars.

9. Warnings, Tips and Tricks for Bordeaux

During the daylight, Bordeaux is really safe. At night, you should avoid some districts such as Saint Michel and of course near the train station as in every city. Be careful about some people asking you to sign a petition, usually, it is fake and they will get close to you and steal your pocket.

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide of Bordeaux. Don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts about my Bordeaux travel guide!

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Written by emily fgt

It's Emily here. I'm currently living and studying in Bordeaux, France. I love languages and traveling the world. I speak fluently French, English, and a bit of Spanish. Every year I am discovering new cities and countries. I would say that I like my comfort so my traveling style is between backpacking and luxury.

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