Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home Like a Traveler

celebrate new year's eve at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has struck our nerves more than ever during the holiday season. Now as New Year’s Eve draws close, your wanderlust might be getting out of hand. But there are various ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Here are 5 things you can try that will definitely create an international festive ambiance. 

1. Try Our New Year’s Eve Cocktails 

We have gathered the most iconic winter cocktails from around the world. And they come with easy recipes, as well. Try these as you celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Or you can just simply taste some of the best whiskies for New Year’s Eve to color your night.

2. Host a Zoom Party

zoom party

Gather with your friends and family on a video call and attend New Year’s Eve concerts together. Jean-Michel Jarre will perform live from Notre-Dame, Paris! If New-Age music is not your thing, transport to Belgium for the legendary Tomorrowland festival. David Guetta and several other DJs will be live all night.

3. Make It Unique with Local Traditions

celebrate new year's eve at home

If you want to feel like you are out there on New Year’s Eve, there is no better way than celebrating it like foreign people. Try fortune-telling with your friends like Russians, or decorate an oak tree instead of a pine tree like the Serbian folk! Check these unique Christmas traditions for more. 

4. Catch Some New Year’s Eve Live Events 

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the global New Year’s eve celebrations. Earth Cam is bringing live celebrations from around the world to your screen! Tokyo, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow – have a virtual trip to the capitals of the world and celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. 

celebrate new year's eve at home

There is more. You can go to Times Square to watch the iconic New Year’s ball drop live. By courtesy of this online event, festive cheer will not be absent in your home.

5. Give Back

Last but not least, remember that the pandemic is not the only thing we have in common. Give back to people from around the world who are in need. Give back to the Earth. Remind yourself of being a global citizen on this isolated New Year’s Eve.

This year, celebrate New Year’s Eve at home like a traveler. Happy New Year!

Written by Göksu Kayacılar

Chief Editor at Travelinsightpedia ?

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