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Cheapest Countries to Visit: Top 15 of Them

Cheapest Countries to Visit

While we are isolating ourselves in our homes trying to engage our mind with something to pass the time, we might cheer ourselves up with travel plans for the future. Maybe you want to take a long holiday and travel the world once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, maybe you are a backpacker wondering how to visit as many countries as possible with the least amount of money, or maybe you are a student looking for some cheap destinations to travel. Whoever you are and whatever might be your reasons, you should take a look at this post which lists the top 15 cheapest countries to visit around the world.

Cheapest Countries to Visit around Europe

1. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Situated in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, especially if you avoid the tourism season and visit it in winter. You can find fairly cheaper accommodation if you are willing to walk a little bit. Since the Czech Republic has one of the most walkable cities like Prague, or Cesky Krumlov, you would pay very little for public transportation. You can always find restaurants for cheap eats and drinks in Prague, and indulge yourself in the street foods of Czech culture. There are also discount menus nearly in every restaurant between 11 am and 2 pm on weekdays. On top of all, most travel attractions are cheaper than the rest of Europe!

Backpacker Budget: 35-40$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 75-90$ per day

2. Portugal


Not all countries that use euros are expensive! Portugal is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe using euros. It offers remarkable beaches and all the brilliant colors of a coastal town in Europe with less money. You can get a good price for accommodation if you plan your travel and book a few months in advance. Porto is especially high on the list of budget travelers as most of its top attractions are free to visit and public transportation quite inexpensive. If you look for a local restaurant a few streets back from the banks of the river, you would find excellent meals and wine for a low price.

Backpacker Budget: 45-50$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 120$ per day

3. Georgia


Generally overshadowed by its more renowned neighbor Turkey, Georgia offers much cheaper travel along with one-of-a-kind attractions. You can enjoy some time in the capital Tbilisi, do some nature walk around the Caucasus mountain range, and or explore the unique hilltop monasteries. Considered one of the cheapest countries to live and travel around Europe, Georgia also does not require a visa from most countries for up to 360 days. Georgia uses Lari as its currency. Along with finding very cheap accommodation, you can expect to taste a very rich cuisine and excellent wine for a fairly cheap price.

Backpacker Budget: 20-25$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 40-45$ per day



Ukraine became a quite popular destination as one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe for the last couple of years. If you travel off the season, you can visit places like Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa on a simple budget. Accommodation prices are slightly higher, especially in Kyiv but you can compensate with your food budget. Local foods are especially cheap here. Most of the attractions are either free or costs very little, and the transportation is inexpensive. So, you may visit the eerie Chernobyl site, walk through the Tunnel of Love, or hike around the magical landscape of the Carpathian Mountains to your heart’s content without worrying about money.

Backpacker Budget: 30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 60-70$ per day

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Africa

5. Egypt


Are you ready to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World on a budget? The Pyramids of Giza, located in Egypt, are the only surviving Old Seven Wonders of the World today, and you can actually afford to see them. Egypt is the land of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and it still remains quite affordable. Expect to spend more on transportation as Egypt is not very walkable being situated in the Sahara Desert, and the top attractions are generally isolated from the city centers. You can compensate for this, however, with cheap food and accommodation prices. Try some street food like falafel and other Egyptian sandwiches which cost less than 1$. And don’t forget to bring your student card if you have one as entrance fees for attractions are almost half of the normal costs for an adult!

Backpacker Budget: 25-30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 50-60$ per day

6. Morocco


Morocco is one of those countries where you can spend very little or loosen your purse’s string according to your travel habits. While places like Marrakech, Fez, or Casablanca can cost a little bit more, you might enjoy yourself as much in places like Taghazout, Quarzazate. You will also see that some of the traditional foods like couscous are quite cheap and would fit well into your budget. You can also indulge in a lot of activities without paying a penny, wandering around the medinas, trekking the High Atlas Mountains, or visiting mosques. If you would like to try some local activities like going to a hammam (bathhouse), you can do it as cheap as 1$ depending on where you go. You should also note that Morocco is a country where your negotiation skills will be put to test. May the winds be in your favor!

Backpacker Budget: 30-35$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 70-80$ per day

7. Rwanda


If you want to make it to the heart of Africa, Rwanda would be a good fit both for your budget and for your thirst for adventure. Known for its rainforests and wildlife, Rwanda can be a little pricey because it is considered a safari destination and people pay a lot to see its famous mountain gorillas and primates. But do not let these deter you since if you travel off the beaten path, Rwanda can be really cheap. Accommodation can be a little tricky because hostels are not really widespread in Rwanda, but you can still find some, or prefer camping in some of the national parks paying around 10-15$ per night. You can always save some money by going to local restaurants for food. Traveling at the heart of Africa has its challenges but it might be time to get out of your comfort zone if you have some courage.

Backpacker Budget: 25-30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 60-75$ per day

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Asia

8. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations for budget travelers. Along with being one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world, Vietnam has a lot to offer. You can marvel at nature’s wonders in this cheap Asian country visiting the famous Halong Bay, or seeing the world’s largest cave Son Doong. Or if you are looking for something more cultural, you might want to take a look at the Buddhist temples or get experimental with the local food paying very little. It is almost impossible to spend too much in Vietnam even if you try your hardest. Everything from accommodation to transportation is very cheap. So, take your backpack and hit the road!

Backpacker Budget: 25-30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 45-50$ per day

9. Thailand


Another budget destination in Southeastern Asia is Thailand. You should probably consider skipping Bangkok and the famous beaches of Thailand as they will be more costly. But you’ll see that prices drop as you go inland. You would especially enjoy your trip and spend very little in the northern parts of Thailand like Chiang Mai. If you are really looking for beaches and sun though, you can visit one of the less visited islands like Koh Chang which is a lot cheaper than islands such as Phuket, or Phi Phi. While you are in Thailand, don’t forget to stuff your belly with Thai foods and Thailand’s exotic fruits which are not only very cheap but also really worth trying.

Backpacker Budget: 25-30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 60-70$ per day

10. Laos

Laos, cheapest countries to visit

Laos is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world, and probably one of the most underrated as well. Thanks to its wide range of free or very cheap activities like trekking, climbing, and zip-lining, you would spend very little on your travel. Along with seeing many Buddhist temples, you should also visit the Walking Street and the Night Market in Vientiane which offers quite cheap food and vibrant local life. You’ll find one of the cheapest accommodation prices in the world in Laos as little as 5$ per person for a night. The currency exchange is completely under the control of the government, so you wouldn’t have any problems with exchanging money either. Additionally, you would pay very little for the local transportation known as tuk-tuks, and don’t forget you can always negotiate!

Backpacker Budget: 15-20$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 40$ per day


Cambodia, cheapest countries to visit

Situated very close to Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos; Cambodia has become a very popular cheap travel destination recently. Cambodia is best known for its ancient temple Angkor Wat, but there is just much more to this country. Home to Asia’s biggest lake Tonle Sap, one of the scenic floating villages in the world, and islands that are as good as any in Southeast Asia; you will find a lot of things to do in Cambodia. Try some local foods like Loklak and K’dam which costs very little. Accommodation is also very cheap even for private rooms and Airbnb’s. Also, using WWOO Fing, you can find free lodging and food if you are willing to work on local farms for a couple of hours a day. The most expensive thing you do in Cambodia would probably be visiting Angkor Wat, but don’t think you have to skip it! You can compensate quite easily on the other days.

Backpacker Budget: 20-25$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 40$ per day

12. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, cheapest countries to visit

Closer to continental Asia and only becoming popular in recent years, Sri Lanka is sometimes overlooked when compared to the other Southeast Asian countries. But its lush greenery, the welcoming locals with great hospitality, and its famous train journeys are sure to win your heart. The local and Indian cuisine comes with very cheap prices, and if you travel second-class, transportation would not cost much either. Accommodation is equally affordable. You should do well to remember, however, that the water is not drinkable in Sri Lanka. Therefore, expect to pay a few dollars a day for water as you can’t drink tap water. Small note: always use the train since they are the cheapest option, and also a fun way of getting around.

Backpacker Budget: 30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 50-60$ per day

Cheapest Countries to Visit in the Americas

13. Peru

Peru remains one of the most popular destinations for budget travelers. Three cheers for Peru because it’s the second place in our list where you can see one of the seven wonders of the world. Machu Picchu is one of the top attractions of the country, and yes, you can fit it into your budget. Though, you must note that it will probably be the most expensive attraction on your list. Peru is one of the best places for nature lovers, as such, most nature-related activities will either be free or cost very little. Hike and trek your way around, or surf on the beautiful Peruvian coast. You can find dorm rooms around 10$ and the street food or local dishes in cheap restaurants would not be a burden on your budget. You should note that while the museums are quite cheap, archeological sites will be your biggest challenge as they are considered top attractions. So, plan ahead and choose well!

Backpacker Budget: 30-40$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 60-70$ per day

14. Guatemala

Guatemala, cheapest countries to visit

Best known for its coffee beans, Guatemala is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the Americas and has much to offer other than good coffee. With its stunning natural landscape, volcanoes, history of Mayan civilization, and jungles for adventure travelers; Guatemala rivals other Central American countries and comes with a cheaper price. Use what they call chicken buses, which are more or less the same as school buses in the U.S., for transportation as they are the cheapest option. You can easily find cheap accommodation in hostels, and spending some time in the lively markets would surely mean spending very little on food. You should also consider camping as it is not only cheap but also there are some good places to camp in Guatemala like Tikal and El Paradon. Try to remember that there are a lot of historical and natural sites that worth visiting, and choose your options accordingly because visiting a lot of them would be costly.

Backpacker Budget: 30-35$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 70-90$ per day

15. Bolivia

Bolivia, cheapest countries to visit

This country is the final cheap destination on our list. Bolivia is most of the time overlooked because of its neighbours such as Peru, Chile, or Brazil; and hence much cheaper than these places. Best known for its Salt Flats, there is still much to do and see in Bolivia. You might come across lagoons filled with pink flamingos, visit some pre-Inca sites, or see Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian border. Bolivia also offers a lot of activities for more adventurous travelers and these do not cost much as they are considered off-the-beaten-path activities. You can find one of the cheapest accommodation prices in Bolivia as low as 5$ per night. We can say the same thing for food and transportation. Don’t underestimate this country and you might have the time of your life on a budget!

Backpacker Budget: 25-30$ per day

Mid-Range Budget: 45-50$ per day

What do you think about our list of the cheapest countries to visit in the world? Can you think of other destinations to add? Join the wagon and let us know what you think because your opinions matter to us!

Written by Aybüke Günsel

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