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Choosing a Language School in Malta


Based on my experience of language school in Malta, I will draw attention to some points about what should be considered when choosing a language school in Malta. When choosing a language school in Malta, everyone should decide with regard to their own rights, happiness, and goals. There is no single right. In Malta, there are various language schools, so you should analyze the features of schools.

1. Dormitory

Choosing a Language School in Malta

Some schools have a dormitory near the school that you will take lessons that gives you the chance to wake up five minutes before the last lesson begins. Some schools also have a shuttle service from their dormitories, so you can also get service mates. So, you can see all students in the service. You also get the chance to stay with a host family in some schools, so you can learn about the culture. The important point here is to choose a suitable place for yourself.

2. Location

Choosing a Language School in Malta

It doesn’t really matter because buses and taxis are very common in Malta and it doesn’t take long to get from one place to another in the island country. But generally, schools are in St. Julians because nightlife passes in Paceville where 5 minute’s walks from St. Julians and students can come and go quickly from their schools. Apart from St Julians, there are also schools in Valetta, the capital, and Sliema which is very peaceful.

3. Facilities in School

Choosing a Language School in Malta

Facilities in your school are really important for making friends. Having places such as a volleyball court, swimming pool, and restaurant/bar at the school will make it easier for you to make friends. The facilities at your school are really important to create new occasions for making new friends.

4. Improving English

Choosing a Language School in Malta

There are different programs in schools, preparing for IELTS/ TOEFL, standard or intensive programs. From my own experience, I can say that I first improved myself in vocabulary and grammar, and then improved my speaking there.

Malta is a very enjoyable island for students, and I am sure that no matter which school you choose, you will make unforgettable memories and very special friendships.

Written by Duygu Aytaç

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