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Coronavirus, Lockdown and the Story of Travelinsightpedia

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While Coronavirus struck the whole world out of sudden, nobody could guess that the situation would come to a point where the whole world would be in a lockdown destined to sit at their homes for more than months! Lockdown came with a lot of spare time for most of us. Meanwhile, it sometimes brought boredom to our souls. We started with Social Media challenges to get rid of the boredom following making sport at home, watching Netflix, trying to seek for new hobbies! We scanned our terabytes once again to look for old photos to share in social media to challenge friends.

After all, every trend got passed away and many repeating things got us tired and bored more. It seemed an opportunity for many of us to start that new hobby we always dreamt of. While most of us wanted our usual routine back, we also lost our motivation to create something new. Lack of motivation led us to another phase of unproductivity after all. However, to succeed at some point with what we do needs consistency and insisting.

Honestly, after the coronavirus pandemic started, lockdown days started pretty slow, sad, and unmotivated for Travelinsightpedia. In a world that travel barely exists anymore was a shocking point for our digital entity. However, after 2 weeks of lockdown, we had to realize that time is more precious than any other notion. So that we had to use any opportunity to step up our community.

2020 Travel Trends - Coronavirus

After following up with some trends in our Instagram account and keeping it alive and vivid for our followers, lockdown meant for Travelinsightpedia a new exposure in new social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In less than 3 weeks, we outreached good exposure numbers in those channels. Of course, growing in social media needs for time and maturity rather than big efforts. Still, we believe that we proceeded very quickly with our agile efforts. As famous American investor Warren Buffett told in one of his speech;

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

Warren Buffett

After that as with some of the other brands, we got into a revise with our Logo! We have been seeking something vivid, colorful, and alive for a long time. However, we didn’t have much time to work on it. At that point, our new CEO the Travelling Ananas came into our community by becoming our new brand face also as our new logo. It brought some fun parts to our community by reminding us of the authenticity of traveling. Also as its fruit history, born from Latin America brought to the whole world through time and loved by every culture. It’s a charming design reminding us of those sunny days on beautiful beaches that brought hope to our community in these days!

The most major step for Travelinsightpedia was launching the new website in a very short timing! Our efforts to make it alive required us to analyze all our posts on Instagram to decide about our categories. A week of learning and exploring process led us to build our website with our own work by using WordPress. After all, our intense efforts spread over to 2 weeks brought with us many positive comments about our website. Many of you liked it from its category choices to the design it. We wish that you are also enjoying our content and the website.

Travelinsightpedia categories

When we started to build up our page on Instagram, our only purpose was to create an authentic, sincere, and genuine travel community that we could all help each other in our learning and growing process in an entertaining way! That’s why we are more than happy to provide our website to any member of our community. You can just use it as your own blog page. Please get in touch with us if you would like to make your travel memories and knowledge eternal by writing them down. You are all welcome to be part of the community!

Please do not wait for the magic wand to hit on your head to change your life! Time is irrevocable and you have to make the best of it!

We would like to sincerely thank you all one by one who helped us to come to this point!
To whom it may concern!

Written by Alper Aydın

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