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Customize Your Road Trip Playlist with Spotify “Soundtrack Your Ride”

Spotify Soundtrack Your Ride

This time, we’ll enjoy sharing with you a feature that you may have heard of Spotify for the first time! Spotify Soundtrack Your Ride. You can generate a road trip playlist for you based on your Spotify history and your answers to a few questions. Unfortunately, this feature, created in collaboration with Spotify and Uber, is currently only available for use within the USA. However, it’s still a useful feature to discover new songs suitable for your music style while traveling by car. Let’s take a look at the feature!

How does it work?

When you enter the page, you’ll see a huge map of the USA. The first step in preparing a list is to choose the take-off and arrival destinations. For this section, I took the historic Route 66 as an example which is running between Chicago and Los Angeles and covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km).

The Historic Route 66

Then Spotify is calculating the length of the trip to prepare the personal list that it will create for you.

In the next step, you’re asked to answer a small quiz. Here are the questions and the possible answer options for the quiz.

  • Who are you traveling with? (Solo, Kids, Pets, Friends, Partner)
  • What’s your favorite genre for the road? (Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Country, Rock, Mood, Indie, EDM)
  • What’s your drive vibe? (Mellow, Sing-alongs, High-energy, Classic, Love sick, Pedal to the metal, Slow ride)
  • What is your ultimate driving song? (A bunch of options from popular artists)
  • Which best describes your wheels? (SUV, Convertible, Electric, Sedan, Pickup Truck)

That’s all but you don’t have to answer them all! You can simply skip the questions.

Now it’s time to create the full list! Click on ‘Get My Playlist’. The list is based on the music you listen to and includes the same or similar songs.

Get the perfect playlist for your ride but..

Thanks to Spotify Soundtrack Your Ride, there is no more pain out for the road trip playlists. On the other hand, I could navigate to the URL on the browser on my phone, but to be honest, the format was not so mobile-friendly, with some of the answer options getting cut off. But it is still technically working on mobile!

If you try the feature, don’t forget to share your chosen destinations and favorite song on the list with us! One last thing before you leave! Also, don’t forget to check “Road Trip Playlist: Summer 2020 on Spotify” that we have created for you!

Have fun!

Written by Nicoleta

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