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England Travel Guide: 6 Things to Do During a Short Stay

England travel guide

One of the most sought out travel hubs in the world, England has endless possibilities for people seeking awe-inspiring attractions to visit. As a small aspect of the stunning British Isles, this little influential country has a rich history and culture for those who love to explore civilizations. You will find sites of historical significance almost everywhere in England, ranging between prehistoric megaliths, old castles, or town centers which can be dated back to the Middle Ages and ancient Roman sites. If you’re on a short trip to England and would like to see the best of the country, we’ve created a short travel guide that will help you find the most beautiful locations to ensure you take a longer trip the next time around!

Make The Best of A Short Trip:

England is very easy to travel with all of the most popular destinations being well connected by buses and rail. However, if you’re visiting places as per your convenience, you can choose to drive a rental and enjoy the local scenery. Taking both public transport or the country roads are guaranteed to be a lovely experience. Hiring a rental is as easy as getting one right from the airport. If you prefer to be driven around instead, you can take a private car such as the Gatwick airport taxi, which runs a highly efficient network of transport throughout the year.

The 6 Best Places to Visit in England

1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge lies 10 miles north of Salisbury, a historic city on Salisbury Plain. It is Europe’s most famous prehistoric megalith. Due to its popularity, you’ll need to buy a timed ticket well in advance to receive an entry. To know more about Stonehenge, the visitor center hosts audio-visual experiences and displays over 250 ancient objects. These megaliths were established between 3000 and 1500 BC and still are few of the most mysterious wonders of the world.

You can’t step into the circle of stones during the normal opening hours. However, you can book an early morning or late evening special access through English Heritage to walk around in the circle.

2. The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths, England

If you have time to visit only one of the smaller cities of England, there is no better place to go than Bath. This picturesque city in Somerset has a plethora of tourist attractions than one could imagine sightseeing in a day!

While it is renowned for the magnificent 2,000-year-old Roman Baths constructed around the city’s refreshing hot springs, Bath is equally famous for Georgian Townhouses like the ones situated at Royal Crescent.

Almost 500 of this city’s architectural structures are known for their historical importance, which is why the entire town has been given a World Heritage label. Bath is the best location to begin exploring England’s beautiful countryside, comprising the Mendip Hills, Avon Valley, and other Somerset marvels.

3. The British Museum

The British Museum

With a jaw-dropping collection of antique specimens, the British Museum boasts over 13 million of the world’s finest artifacts from Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, the Roman Empire, Greece, India, Europe, and China, among many countries. The two of the most popular historical artifacts displayed here are the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Elgin Marbles from Athens.

However, there are so many stunning displays here, which makes this museum a must-visit place in London. Their Ancient Egyptian display is the most extensive collection based outside Cairo. Additionally, the collection of Roman silver dating back to the fourth century unearthed in Suffolk in 1942, the Mildenhall Treasure, is nothing less than amazing.

If you have a day, make sure to join a guided tour or take up a workshop by booking it at the museum’s official website in advance.

4. Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park, UK

Covering about 900 square miles, Lake District National Park is among our favorites on this list. Boasting 12 of England’s largest lakes and more than 2,000 miles of beautiful landscape to wander around, this place has been the inspiration of several paintings and works of art.

Another place to visit while going about the park is Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England, standing proudly at 3,210 feet. Make some time to explore some of the quaint little towns and villages like Grasmere across this region. Better yet, hire a tour boat guided trip across Lake Ullswater and Lake Windermere, and you’ll be visually blessed by sights to behold.

5. Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral, England travel guide

Located at the heart of Canterbury, the historic Canterbury Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This castle is also the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the hub of English Christianity.

This began when St. Augustine started to convert Pagan Anglo Saxons in 597 and was ordained as the first bishop. You can take advantage of the fantastic tour guides or even book an overnight stay at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge.

Beautiful as the Cathedral is, there’s much more to this medieval city than its star attraction. Canterbury is also renowned for its cultural and entertainment value. You can enjoy shopping and dining at little cafes here for an authentic experience.

6. The Eden Project

England travel guide

The breathtaking Eden Project is home to several artificial biomes that house a stunning collection of flora from around the globe. Situated at a reclaimed quarry in Cornwall, this incredible botanical garden complex comprises mega domes that resemble massive igloo-like greenhouses. Each of these futuristic structures is home to thousands of plant species from tropical and Mediterranean ecosystems.

Apart from the beautiful plant life, the Eden Project is the most famous spot to host arts and music shows and exhibitions. If you can manage to extend your stay in England, book an overnight stay at the hostel on-site or grab a meal at one of the restaurants. You can also indulge in adventures such as giant swings or ziplining here.

Wrapping Up:

Once you take a short visit to England, you’ll realize that you have to come back for a more extended vacation the next time around; the country has so much to offer, and it takes a while to visit every authentic experience. However, these six impressive destinations cover the absolute best of England that will bring you back wanting more!

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