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Eskisehir Technical University Erasmus Guide: Erasmus in Eskisehir

Eskisehir Technical University Erasmus Guide

Eskisehir Technical University or ESTU for short is a state university in Turkey. With the transfer of various education units belonging to Anadolu University on May 18, 2018, it started to provide education in two different campuses in Eskisehir. The university is the only university in Turkey that provides pilot training by the state. As the acreage, it is one of the biggest universities in Turkey due to Hasan Polatkan Airport which is located in the university. The only center in Turkey where seismic isolators can be tested is at ESTU. ESTU Seismic Isolator Centre is also one of the top 5 centers in the world. There are five faculties, three institutes, and two vocational schools.

It also has a School of Foreign Languages. Prep school is given in English, German and French. The prep school is compulsory in departments where education is given in a foreign language. Departments providing education in Turkish can optionally receive prep school. While continuing their academic education, students can study Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, and English at different levels.

As Eskisehir is a university city, it is very rich in terms of social activities. In the city, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater has 3 stages. These are Haller Youth Centre Tepebaşı Stage, B.S.M. Turgut Özakman Theater Hall, and Metropolitan Municipality Art and Culture Palace Theater Hall.

City Theater events, State Opera and Ballet events take place in the center. International Eskisehir Festival is held in our city. The International Eskisehir Festival was organized for the first time in 1995 by the Zeytinoğlu Education, Science and Culture Foundation. Classical music, Classical Turkish music, Turkish Folk music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Theatre, Contemporary dance and ballet, Cinema, Children’s activities, Photography, painting, sculpture exhibitions, Conferences, and interviews; It is held in October or November every year and lasts for 9 days. Since its beginning, Spain in 2002, Austria in 2003, Italy in 2004, Russia in 2005, Finland in 2006, Portugal in 2007, and Germany in 2008 participated in the festival as guest countries.

Eskisehir is Turkey’s best-known student city. It is preferred because it is both economical and student-friendly. It is also the 8th safest city in the world. There are many options and areas in Eskisehir to socialize. There is a bar street for nightlife and entertainment, Kanlıkavak, Porsuk River, and Musaözü Nature Park to spend time with friends outdoor, with more than 20 museums, and many cute cafes. Also, Eskisehir close to big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmır And Bursa. Before move forward, you can also check the top reasons to go to Erasmus in Turkey for a better start to your Erasmus adventure!

Little historical fun fact:

Phrygian King Midas was the king of what is now known as the center of Eskisehir. There is a historical place called “Midas Monument” in Yazılıkaya Village of Han District. It is 80 kilometers away from Eskisehir.

Who Are We?

Eskisehir Technical University

We are ESN ESTU, Erasmus Student Club of Eskisehir Technical University, and a section of ESN Turkey. As an ESN ESTU, we help students who come to our university with the Erasmus program to find a place to stay, prepare their official documents, and at the same time helping to socialize. We also organize trainings, conferences, seminars, and trips. As ESN ESTU, we also like to have fun. That’s why we organize many pleasant events like parties, karaoke nights, and game nights.

If you want to learn more, you can check our social media accounts and send a message. Our social media accounts:

Ideal Erasmus Term/General Weather Conditions of the City

Eskisehir Technical University Erasmus Guide

Eskisehir is influenced by the continental climate with very hot summers and very cold winters. The temperature difference between day and night can also be major.

Fall Semester

If you would consider studying in the fall semester you would always have a chance to come and settle in Eskisehir, Turkey before your studies start. During the summer, you can integrate with the local people, make new friends. I believe it would be a great kickstart to get to know more about pretty much everything about the Venice of Anatolia aka Eskisehir.

Weather Condition

Like any other part of the Anatolian highland, the winters are cold and usually snowy. Temperature is regularly below the freezing point during this season, but it rarely drops below −15 °C. Spring and autumn are the wettest seasons, but with an annual rainfall amount of 415 mm, you are unlikely to get much rain during your trip to Eskisehir, anyway.

Things To Do

  • Going On a Turkish Hamam

Eskisehir is known for its hammams (Turkish bath). There are some baths in the city center, dating back to the Ottoman period.

  • Drinking Boza

Don’t get surprised when you hear the voice of a street vendor selling boza in cold evenings in Turkey. You will feel like you are in a time machine traveling to the old days, to Ottoman Empire times whenever you hear his voice on the streets. It was known as a great drink to warm and strengthen your body. So, it was one of the ultimate foods for the Ottoman army. You don’t feel cold and you get stronger as you drink Turkish boza! Turkish Boza is a smoothie-like fermented drink. It is mainly based on bulgur and yeast. It has a sweet and tangy flavor that everyone finds addictive!

  • Gather up in Haller Gençlik Merkezi

Once warehouse of the city for fresh groceries, this elegant building has been renovated and now houses beer-, and warehouses. It is located near the central station.  This place would take you back in the time once again within its unique architecture resembling a medieval taverna.

Spring Semester

On the other hand, if you would like to take advantage of the Erasmus+ exchange program in the spring term, you would also have a chance to remain in the city for the summertime after your studies are finished. Yet this time, you would be in a position that you have integrated with the local people, made unforgettable friendships, and have collected many memories. Also, by the end of the semester, you would know the city as much as any other local people. So you would have a chance to travel within Turkey for the whole semester together with the friendships you have made.

Weather Condition

Thanks to the low levels of relative humidity, the hot and dry summers are more comfortable than coastal regions of Turkey. Summer nights are cool, though, so be sure to bring at least a cardigan with you to wear outdoors.

Things To Do

  • Visiting Yazılıkaya – Midas City – The Great Monument

The first sight you’ll see when you pass through the gates is the Yazılıkaya Monument, also known as the Midas Monument or Midas Tomb, though, it’s actually not a tomb, and its the connection to the legendary King Midas is dubious. The earliest traces of human settlement discovered near Yazılıkaya originate from the early Bronze Age. At that time Yazilikaya was the second most important place of the development of Phrygian civilization. Yazılıkaya is about 66 km south of Eskisehir.

  • Gondola / Boat tour

You should NOT miss an opportunity to take a gondola ride during the summertime. If you take a gondola ride on the Porsuk river, then you will have the opportunity to see the most important and scenic parts of the Eskisehir. The gondoliers are dressed up in Venetian clothing. This tour, which lasts about 20 minutes, offers you the perspective of a part of Eskisehir.

  • Activities & Conferences & Festivals

Every year several cultural, social, and scientific activities have been organized in the city such as; symposiums, exhibitions, dance, music, cinema, and theatre festivals.

Ideal Erasmus Term

Some partnerships between universities might only be offered in one semester or the other. In which case, you might not have much to say in the matter if you have your heart set on a specific term. Nevertheless, if I was to be choosing whether I would like to take advantage of my erasmus+ exchange program in the spring or fall semester, I would most definitely pick the fall semester.

The Location of the University

Eskisehir Technical University

Eskisehir Technical University, which is consisted of two campuses, is found between the Faculty of Science which is found at Yunus Emre campus, and 2 Eylul Campus which is consisted of other campuses.

Faculty of Science and Yunus Emre Campus

Anadolu University, which is in the city center, is included in Yunus Emre Campus. It’s easy for transportation and is easy to go there by walking as well thanks to its location.

2 Eylul Campus 

Although The Campus, which is located next to Hasan Polatkan Airport, is far from the city center, There are 4 buses that provide transportation for different parts of the city.

2 Eylül Campus has wide green areas and places like cafes and canteen in various faculties for students to hang out with their friends. Also on the campus, there is a hall that provides 3 meals a day for the people either working or studying in the university.

Due to the campus’s location, there are neither bars nor restaurants around the campus except a few places to eat located on the campus.

Where To Accomadate?

Regarding the accommodation in Eskisehir, we would say that it would be better for you to accommodate in a flat on your own or with a flatmate depending on your preference. Also, you can stay in a dorm but not regardless government’s dorm. Dorms are cheaper and a better way to socialize but there are not any mixed dorms running by the government, they are all just for girls or just for boys. So we can say that a flat is better and it’s affordable. The prices are usually around 500-1000 Turkish Liras per month which equates to 50-100 euros depending on the area and the building age. Another option for you, you can stay at one of our ESN member’s homes because we have a flatmate program too.

In City Transportation / Mobility in the city

In Eskisehir, there are several ways to get at somewhere. For instance, there is a tram to get you to any place in the center of the city from one side to another. You can easily reach both Anadolu University and Eskisehir Osmangazi University by taking a tram ride.

For Eskisehir Technical University (ESTU), you need to take the bus to arrive at the 2 Eylül Campus due to it being a little bit outside of the center. You have so many options from different areas. But for the Porsuk Vocational School of ESTU, you can take a minibus from Espark Shopping Centre which is basically the heart of the city.

On the other hand, there are buttons on the poles everywhere in the city to call for a cab from the nearest taxi station. The minimum cost is 14.5₺ for any ride even if you travel only for 2 minutes but the taximeter starts to calculate from zero so it usually costs less compared to other big cities.

Also, Eskisehir is a super suitable city for bicycles. There are bike paths almost everywhere in the city, especially around the Porsuk River. So it will be very joyful to ride in the spring if you have your own bike, but it’s also okay if you don’t! ‘Cause, you can rent a bike for approximately 3-6₺ for an hour or with a little bit higher price even for a whole day!

Fun fact alert! There are canoes and boats floating on the Porsuk River that you can have a lovely trip to explore the city. They look so similar to the canoes of Venice! A 15 minutes long boat trip costs 9₺ per person and a canoe trip costs 45₺ for 4 people in total. If you want to take a tram or bus, you need to have an “EsKart” which is the transportation card of the city. There used to be single-use tickets but due to the pandemic, you now have to get your own card and establish it with your HES Code*. Since I assume that you are a student, you can get a student card with your student certificate from your school, your ID, and a mug shot (shot in the last 6 months) from the town hall.

In case you would like to use a public transportation system including trams and busses then you would have to use an ESBİLET (ES TICKET) every single time and it would cost you a total of 3.75 TL per public transportation usage per person. Now as you probably also think this is pretty a bad deal.

You can obtain an “EsKart” (ES CARD) which would help you to save a significant amount of money. You would have to put some money in it then carry it with you and use it every single time you take public transportation. It’s charged 1.80 TL for every usage.

Cost of Living / Suggested Budget

Eskisehir Technical University Erasmus Guide

Accommodation Costs

First of all, the average cost of private rooms is around 60 euros. If you want to live in a dormitory, you need to pay around 40 euros. On the other hand, if you want to stay in an aparthotel ( which means you pay only for one room and a kitchen), its prices are around 48 euros. If you accept a roommate or two, these prices will reduce. If you want to rent an apartment, its prices are around 87 euros. 1+1 houses cost 67 euros, 2+1 houses cost 105 euros and 3+1 apartments cost 135 euros on average. Or, if you want to live in an apartment with furniture, you need to pay 20 euros extra on average.

Food Costs

You have a lot of options in Eskisehir if the subject is food. You can eat homemade foods, one menu is around 2 euros. If you want to eat fast food, one good menu is around 3 euros. If you want to shop from a market, for one month of shopping you need to pay around 25 euros. The average cost for 1 day of eating is around 5 euros, in 1 month, it’s around 150 euros.

Travel Expenses

For transportation, in intracity, if you travel a lot you need to pay 10 euros in a month. If you want to travel upstate, you need to pay 3 euro min. and 25 euros max. For example, if you want to go to Istanbul, you need to pay 7 euros. For Ankara, you need to pay 3 euros. If you want to go to Hatay to visit the second longest beach in the world you need to pay 20 euros. And last but not least you can use your bike to travel the city and or you can rent a bike from rental shops for 0.5 euros per hour.


For clothing, the t-shirts cost around 8 euros. One shirt costs around 8 euros. If you want to buy a sweatshirt, you need to pay around 15 euros. The shoes cost around 60 euros.

Other Expenses

  • A coffee and a dessert in a cafe, cost around 2,5 euros. If you want to go out to a bar or club and want to take alcohol and party, you need to pay around 10 euros.
  • If you don’t have a washing machine at your home, you can clean your whole stuff in a whole month, you need to pay around 12 euros approximately.
  • For one person or two people; the water, the electricity, the heating and the internet costs around 55 euros.
  • Gym usage costs around 10 euros per month. If you want to go to a cinema and watch a movie and drink cola with it, you need to pay 3 euros. If you want to play FIFA or Mortal Combat with your friends with PlayStation, you need to pay 1 euro or maybe less per hour.

Pro Tip: Overall, if you have 300 euros, you will live like a billionaire in Eskisehir.

Quick Facts About The City

Eskisehir, Turkey
  1. Is the city more student-based or local-based?

Eskisehir is called ‘’Student City’’ for most of the people in Turkey. The reason is the fact that Eskisehir has three universities. These are Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir Osmangazi University and Anadolu University. As a result, a lot of students live here. In fact, students living in Eskisehir are roughly the same number as the local population. Considering the statistical data, more than %20 of students in Turkey live in Eskisehir.

  1. Do locals speak English? How is their manner to students in general?

Locals don’t speak English much, but they are also hospitable and understanding to students. Students are mostly speaking English at least at a beginner level or higher.

  1. Is it a touristic city? Is it close to the other touristic regions that you can have some touristic travels?

Eskisehir’s history begun before Christian Era. It has hosted many societies and civilizations. One of the most known civilizations is the Hittites. Students can visit touristic places in Eskisehir and surrounding cities. You can visit Odunpazarı houses, Sazova Park, ETI Archaeological Museum, Odunpazarı Contemporary Art Museum, Taşbaşı Bazaar, Atlıhan Handcrafts Bazaar, Eskisehir Aviation Museum, etc. You can also take the bus and visit historical places around the city. Eskisehir is close to other cities so you can go anywhere by train and by bus easily.

  1. How is the local food? And how’s eating out opportunities?

There are lots of people from different ethnicities who enrich the local food culture. That’s why, you can find lots of different local foods in Eskısehır such as; Çibörek(Tatar dumpling with different kinds of meat, onions, cheese), Göbete(Tatar pastry), Balaban meatball, Met halvah, Walnut poppy bread. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the city. Most places are open 24 hours. You can order the food from local food delivery applications like Yemek Sepeti or Getir, or you can just go out and eat easily.

  1. How is the shopping in the city? Is it easy to access markets?

Shopping is very easy for everyone. There are bazaars, shopping centers, and supermarkets. Bazaars are held in different locations of Eskisehir specific days a week. Markets are almost at any corner. The only difficulty could be the lack of English-speaking people.

  1. How are the residential procedural things to do in general?

As a person that does not have a residential permit, Erasmus students cannot be in the rent and facilities contracts. A buddy or a flatmate is required to sign the contract on behalf of the exchange students.

  1. How is the nightlife in the city or around the university?

Nightlife is quite cheerful, lively, and colorful in Eskisehir. The bars and cafes in Eskisehir are close to the places where the students live, and they are open all night. Students can go out whenever they want.

Quick Facts About The University

The atmosphere of the university is just great. Because it’s not a very large campus, people have to spend intimate time in the greenery. Although the lack of a place to hang around campus seems to be a problem, it’s not actually. Because the campus is five minutes from the center and the busses pass through the stops very often. So, as soon as you get tired of campus, you can throw yourself into the center and enjoy.

Being a student at Eskisehir Technical University is a great privilege because there are many clubs in the school and each club has agreements with different cafes. You can get a club card by only registering for clubs, and as soon as you get a club card, you can experience cafes where clubs are contracted at a discount.

Available Student Jobs

There are so many chances to get a part-time job in the city due to its being full of cafes, shops, and stores, but the exchange students of the Erasmus+ programme are not allowed to work while studying according to the agreements.

Warnings, Tips, and Tricks

The city or university you had Erasmus+ experience in may have some crucial tricks and tips to mention. Or let’s say there may be some safety advice for nights or crowded places etc.


  • Money

You can withdraw your foreign currency from ATMs located all over the city.

You can bring your foreign currency with you in cash and exchange it from banks and currency exchange service places located in the heart of the city.

In Turkey, most people use credit cards and debit cards very frequently in their daily lives. Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most places, with American Express payment available in high-end hotels and restaurants. If you’re traveling off the beaten track or shopping in market stalls and Souks, then it’s a good idea to have some cash on you.

  • How to get to the city

Turkey’s YHT High-Speed Trains from İstanbul to Eskisehir departures Istanbul’s Pendik YHT Gar (High-Speed Train Station) on the Asian side of the Bosphorus near Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

You can also take a bus from both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul to Eskisehir. Bayrampaşa İstanbul Bus Station (Esenler Otogarı) and Üsküdar (Harem) Bus Station.


  • Safety

In Turkey’s most livable city ranking Eskisehir was ranked to be in second place in 2015, third in 2016, and first place in 2017.

Eskisehir made it to the list of the top 10 safest cities in the world. Ranking at number 8, alongside cities like Zurich, Quebec City, and Munich. whereas Turkish capital Ankara has ranked 183rd and Istanbul 263rd safest city in the world.

So as long as you take your general safety precautions and stay chill I don’t think you would have to worry about your safety.

  • Clothing

You would better not forget to bring some thick clothes and boats if you are considering coming in the fall semester and survive 🙂

To Sum Up

In the end, Eskisehir is a great city that is full of opportunities to socialize, study, learn about different cultures and have fun. Unlike the other big cities in Turkey, it is very affordable and still has an urban vibe. It would be an unforgettable experience for you to study here during your Erasmus+ exchange programme.

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