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Faroe Islands Travel Tips: Read Before Your Visit!

faroe islands travel tips

If your most frequently used sentence is “I can’t believe my eyes!” you are definitely in the Faroe Islands, and in this article, you are going to read about beneficial Faroe Islands travel tips. In this small country of only 18 islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you can take amazing shots with every press of the shutter button without having to pose or search for a special place. Impressive mountains, fast-moving continuous fog, houses with triangular roofs scattered all over the island, mysterious walking and driving routes, fierce waterfall, sharp fjords, and cute puffin birds…

Special thanks to Melih Daşgın for this comprehensive Azerbaijan list and also you can check the Turkish version of this post from Turizm Günlüğü.

Everything is so exciting that one feels in a different world for a moment.

I am starting to tell you about this small place that has found its place in the middle of the Atlantic, but where the happiness it will awaken in you is fantastic. Among other things, if you have decided to go to this country, it is useful to be prepared for the following dialogues such as – “Where are you going?”, + “To the Faroe Islands” -“where is that?”…

Faroe Islands travel tips

The Faroe Islands, isn’t the name strange? It means sheep in Faroese. “Islands of sheep,” is it because more sheep than 50 thousand people live in the country? If I were a sheep, living here would be my only dream, it’s a reality! Even Google has placed cameras on sheep and has reflected the images of the country from the eyes of the sheep, what else do you expect?

Let’s go to the Faroe. Is the Faroe Islands visa-free?

But first, let’s get her unique visa. Is the Faroe Islands visa-free? Can I go to the Faroe Islands with a Schengen visa? You might think so, but unfortunately, no! The Faroe Islands are not a member of the European Union and are not a Schengen member state. Visa applications are made at the Danish Consulates. You can apply to the Danish Consulate by pretending to get a Schengen visa and saying that you will only go to the Faroe Islands. If you ask why Denmark because it was Danish territory until 1948. Culturally they are very close and still have two seats in the Danish parliament.

There are eligible flights and ferry options from Denmark.


Being built on volcanic rocks in the middle of the ocean, Faroe Islands create the feeling of being where the world ends, but it’s not. Getting to the Faroe Islands is very easy. There are eligible flights from countries that can be considered close neighbors (Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Iceland) and ferry options from friendly Denmark.

For your information: Ferry lasts 37 hours!

Norwegian Vikings

You can breathe Scandinavian air in the country, which was the home of Scottish monks until the Norwegian Vikings arrived in the sixth century. Although they are small in population, they are highly attached to their traditions. Keeping their culture alive is the priority of every Faroese. In this respect, family ties are very tight. The concept of “family” is given so much importance that it has first place in Europe with 2.6 children per capita despite being so small.

You don’t like the weather? Wait for 5 minutes!

Faroe Islands travel tips

This is the phrase you will hear most in Faroese. It is where the warm Gulf Stream currents meet the icy waters coming from the north. The result is an average of 13 degrees in July, which is the hottest season, the strong winds hitting your face all the time, and the fog embracing you (average 3 degrees in winter). So the first lesson to be learned from here is that if you are going to the Faroe Islands, take thick clothes that will protect you from wind and rain in all seasons! In fact, when you are there, you will miss these clothes that you did not take with you by saying “Oh, it looks sunny today,” with your wet and cold condition!

The spoken language in the country is – Faroese.

There is no doubt that the spoken language is one of the most vital Faroe Islands travel tips that I have been giving out. You may have heard Faroese for the first time, but don’t worry, you can take care of your needs even if you don’t know the Faroese because they know English as well as British.

Is the Faroe Islands an expensive country?


Perhaps the first of a traveler’s research about the destination is whether the destination is expensive. I used the word “Scandinavian” somewhere above. I think we can figure out how from here. Is the Faroe Islands a costly country? Yes, it is an expensive country! The most costly of your budget will be accommodation, the second item will be food and beverage, and the third item will be everything else.

If we list the accommodation options from cheap to expensive:

Camping, Rental Room, Hostel, Renting of the whole house or hotel.

Accommodation is one of the most important Faroe Islands travel tips that I am giving. If your choice will be camping like us, camping equipment that will protect you from rain and wind is a must. It’s interesting, but I recommend making a reservation for campsites as well. Yes, it can be expensive, but it is possible to reduce costs with snacks you can take with you and convenience foods you can buy from the grocery store. The currency used is Danish Krone (DKK). For camping, you should have a reservation!

Where should we visit the Faroe Islands, and how should we travel?


You can use a helicopter for the transportation.

Well, where should we visit the Faroe Islands and how should we travel? Although it consists of 18 islands, all the islands are very well connected by bridges, tunnels, ferries, and helicopters. You heard right; you can use a helicopter for transportation, the price is also very affordable. If you are curious, an opportunity not to be missed is both transportation and the pleasure of seeing the country from the air. Of course, reservation is required.

The Faroe Islands is a place to visit by car in its fullest sense.

The Faroe Islands is the best place to visit by car, even though the transport services are above expectations and even the buses are accessible in the capital Torshavn. Although he always looks bumpy in his photos, the roads are very smooth and driver-friendly. One of the most significant advantages of traveling by car is the freedom to stop and take pictures wherever you want. The distances are short, and everything is highly photogenic. By the way, did you know that there are three traffic lights in total in the country?

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