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Finland Travel: Fascinating Places To Explore The Unspoilt Paradise

Finland Travel

Having one of the cleanest air in the world, filled with umpteen lakes and forests, Finland is a hidden gem. If you are craving for one of the finest travel experiences in life, you can’t skip Finland.

This place can give you fun-tastic and serene experiences if you want to escape to the beautiful museums, scenic beauty, and admire the Northern Lights. So, bag-pack your things and get ready to fuel the hodophile inside you. Let’s get started to explore the fascinating places of Finland.


Finland Travel

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the hottest tourist spot, Helsinki is the major destination of Finland, with lush landscapes and modern buildings. The major attractions include the churches, namely Lutheran Cathedral, the Uspenski Cathedral, and the Church in the Rock. And if you are a sports lover, this place has a stadium where the 1952 Olympics took place. Undoubtedly, there are a dozen museums and galleries that you can see here. Notably, one of the best museums here is the National Museum of Finland that perfectly depicts Finnish history.

Talking about the fun rides, do not forget to take a vintage tram ride when you are here. Havis Amanda Fountain at Market Square is the place from where you can board the tram. In a 20 minutes tour, you will be delighted to see the top sights of central Helsinki. Once you reach onboard, a multi-language leaflet is served to you to let you know what places you are looking at.

Aland Archipelago

Finland Travel

Aland Archipelago is the heart of the Baltic sea and the collection of stunningly beautiful 6500 islands. The place has a ship-turned museum known as Pommern and a collection of breathtaking hiking trails. Here you can explore the 14th-century castle called Kastelholm. The place is also known for churches where you can have the chance to see nearly 16 churches that date back to medieval times.

Try the dessert pancake topped with stewed plums and whipped cream if you want to delve into the relishing desserts. It is the specialty of this place. Do you like to listen to music? If yes, and if you want to fuel the melomaniac inside you, remember to witness the most notable music festivals – Mariehamm Winter Jazz, Alandia Jazz festival in the summer, Aland sea days, and the Katrina Concerts. This is the best way to enjoy the excellent chamber music in Finland. 

Santa Claus Village


Many children in their childhood have dreamt of meeting Santa Claus. And let us surprise all of you by saying that there is a real Santa Claus village that exists in the snowy mountains of Lapland. Located in the Arctic Circle, it is the finest version of Disneyland. Loaded with the ice-restaurants, Safaris, and ice-fishing, this is surely the place that you can’t resist yourself visiting. For this, you can book Lapland log cabins and have the thrill of witnessing this wonderland from your eyes. What’s more? You can capture the photo with Father Christmas himself.

If you want to send special postcards to your loved ones, a Santa Claus post office is there to make these moments special for you. Additionally, there are various handicraft shops where you can shop for souvenirs and make your trip special. Therefore, you can’t miss out on this place.



Savonlinna is the home to the 15th century 3-tower Olavinlinna castle, Savonlinna is the place where you can become part of wonderful sightseeing. It hosts a super awesome ballet and an opera festival and has the facility of underground caves and open-air theatres. And let us tell you that the city has the world’s largest wooden church – Kerimaki church that is 45 meters in length, 42 meters in breadth, and has a height of 27 meters. It holds a capacity of 3000 seats at once. Isn’t it surprising?

Furthermore, if you are an oenophile, the city has much to offer you in terms of impeccable breweries like Mustaan Viraan, Waahto brewery, and there are many more. The breweries mentioned are right near the Olavinlinna Castle. So, you are all set to spend a nice summer afternoon.


Finland Travel

Turku is the oldest city of Finland, Turku consists of a combination of more than 20000 islands and islets. If you are looking forward to an adventurous holiday, this is the right place with plentiful ferries and an enthralling cycling route. Want to trace the beauty of the Aura River? Rent a cycle and start pedaling towards the scenic path. You will come across the tranquillity of the Aura River, restaurants, museums, and the major historical cathedral castle.

Multiple local events are organized here. To get to know these events, check with your hotel manager or receptionist about what is happening. The night of art, the Turku Christmas eve ceremony, and the annual Turku day are some of the events you can enjoy. And if you want a quick nature retreat, tie your lace and head toward the Kurjenrahka National Park. You will experience astounding views.



Tampere – Blending between the two mesmerizing lakes – Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi, Tampere is enough to fill you with its vibrant artwork and thrilling activities. If you want to observe something tall and astonishing, go to the Nasinneula tower, which crests at 168 meters. It was made in 1971 based on Seattle’s space needle. And if you are a nature lover, dive into this city with a high-speed elevator and look down to the captivating lakes.

Do you like to go on food shopping? If yes, then welcome to Tampere as it will give you the ease to shop at the largest enclosed market hall. You can get delighted with bakeries, high-quality butchers, vegetable stalls, and many other things. If you like to try food from different places, then you can satisfy your taste buds here with the Finnish delicacies. The specialty of the place is the Lappish-style smoked reindeer.

To sum it up all

Finland is one of the most beautiful destinations in its pristine form in comparison to other mainstream travel hotspots. Experience all the heaven this place has to offer, ranging from scenic beauty to cultural activities to adventurous activities and whatnot. Let your inner travelholic come out and give a kickstart to your journey with Finland adventures.

Written by Alper Aydın

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