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Free Things to do Near Marylebone Station, London

things to do near marylebone station, London

Located in central London, north of the river, Marylebone Station is one of the most important transportation hubs in the UK capital. As well as being a major London Underground station on the Bakerloo line, this is the railway terminus for many train routes coming from the north of England. As such, Marylebone welcomes millions of visitors to London every year.

And because the station is so central, you can begin your exploration of London from the moment you step out of the station itself. Plus, with five different London Underground lines connecting at Baker Street just a short walk away, you can reach just about anywhere in London from here without much hassle.

Drop off your bags at a Marylebone Station luggage storage, and you’ll find yourself ideally placed to take advantage of all the great things there are to do in this area. And best of all, in an expensive city like London, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot to see a lot. Try adding some of these free activities to your itinerary, and you’ll have a great time exploring central London.

1) Regent’s Park

If you’re blessed with good weather during your trip to London, don’t miss out on the chance to explore one of the city’s most enchanting parks. This large park is located just a short walk away from Marylebone Station, so you can start exploring the minute you’ve dropped off your bags at a convenient luggage storage. Regent’s Park is an oasis of green, with plenty of diverse wildlife to watch out for, including birds and foxes. In the summer months, you can also catch various open-air theatre performances here too.

This is also the location of the London Zoo, which, since it is not a free attraction, doesn’t make this list. However, visit the park around feeding time, and you’ll hear the animals singing for their supper, which is a surreal experience in the heart of London.

2) The Wallace Collection

Just a short walk away from Marylebone Station is The Wallace Collection. Here you’ll find one of the most diverse collections of art, furniture, and arms in London. It’s a fascinating museum to explore, and it won’t cost you anything, either (except for perhaps your time).

The collection was once owned by Sir Richard Wallace, who acquired many items during his travels across Europe. Many experts believe this is one of the finest private collections in existence, and you can spend hours exploring its diverse range of artifacts.

3) The Wellcome Collection

London is not only packed with world-leading cultural institutions; it’s packed with FREE world-leading free cultural institutions! Just a short walk from Marylebone Station, you’ll find another in the form of The Wellcome Collection.

This unique museum is dedicated to understanding the connections between medicine, life, and art. The collections here are packed with artifacts from around the world, including everything from surgical instruments to anatomical models. It’s a fascinating exploration of our connection with medicine throughout history, and best of all, it won’t cost you a penny!

4) The British Library

Another free attraction in the Marylebone area is The British Library. This national library houses some of the most iconic books and manuscripts in history.

In addition to its permanent collections, the library also regularly hosts events, lectures, and exhibitions throughout the year so you can expand your knowledge even further. Make sure you take a look around before returning to Marylebone Station to continue your London adventure.

5) Primrose Hill

Just on the other side of Regent’s Park from Marylebone Station, you’ll find the lesser-known neighborhood part of Primrose Hill. While it’s not as well-known to tourists who visit London, this park is beloved by locals, and all you have to do is visit to see why.

The hill itself offers some of the best views of London that you’ll find anywhere in the city. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see for miles across the capital, with all its major landmarks clearly visible in the skyline. It’s also a great place to simply relax and take some time out from your sightseeing schedule. And when it’s time to move on, Marylebone Station awaits just down the road.

6) Grant Museum of Zoology

Another day, another free museum. Just down the road from Marylebone Station, you’ll find The Grant Museum of Zoology, which has been a part of University College London since 1827.

This unique museum offers visitors the chance to explore a plethora of specimens and artifacts dedicated to zoology and evolution. It’s a fascinating way to spend an hour or two during your stay in London, with talks, regular events, and educational programs also available throughout the year.

7) Petrie Museum of Egyptology

If you’re looking to explore the past, then a visit to the Petrie Museum of Egyptology is in order. Located near University College London, this museum houses over 80,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt.

It’s an impressive collection that will transport you back thousands of years in time. From everyday items such as amulets and pottery to beautiful sculptures and jewelry – all for free!

8) Speaker’s Corner

Finally, if you’re looking for a lively debate, then Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park is the perfect place to go. This iconic landmark has been part of British culture since 1872 and continues to attract passionate orators from all around the world.

A symbol of Britain’s culture of free speech and democratic debate, Speaker’s Corner is open to anyone who wants to make a speech to the passing public. Anyone is free to debate any issues raised, making this one of London’s top places to people-watch and get a better understanding of what makes people in the city tick. And if you feel brave, you can stand up and make a speech of your own – just be prepared to be debated no matter what you say.


Marylebone is home to some of London’s best free attractions, so make sure you take advantage of them during your visit. From the stunning views atop Primrose Hill to the countless cultural institutions such as The Wellcome Collection, British Library, and Grant Museum of Zoology, there’s something for everyone within easy reach of Marylebone Station. And if that wasn’t enough, you can always get involved in a debate at Speaker’s Corner before heading back to the station to continue exploring. You won’t be disappointed!

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