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How Can We Protect the Ocean?

How Can We Protect the Ocean

By now it’s no secret we are leaving a very big footprint on our planet and it’s a reality that most of our trash goes to the ocean. We often wonder, how can we help it more to protect the Ocean? First of all, perfection is not needed to help and you don’t need to become a perfect environmentally friendly person on day one. There are a couple of ways to protect our ocean. What is needed is a clear commitment to gradually start adopting new habits, build upon them and inspire other people to also make a change. So, I will try to answer the question of how can we protect the ocean. In this article, you can find 7 simple ways you can help protect our ocean.

1. Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

How Can We Protect the Ocean

I’m happy that now many people have this habit, but we still have many more people to join. Stop buying single-use plastic bottles or at least reduce how much you use them to the bare minimum. Make the habit to refill your water bottle and carrying it with you. This will not only help the ocean but it will also save you some money.

2. Take Your Own Reusable Bags When Grocery Shopping 

How Can We Protect the Ocean

Make the habit of taking reusable bags with you to the supermarket and washing them after each use. It’s encouraging to watch many supermarkets encouraging consumers to do this. You really don’t need single-use plastic bags when grocery shopping and, anyway, reusable bags are stronger and more comfortable to carry. 

3. Change to Zero Waste Products

zero waste products

Zero waste products are starting to be available in many places. These are environmentally friendly products that are often reusable and without a plastic package. I just recently changed to zero waste products and it was easier than I thought. Some examples of these products are shampoo bars, hair conditioner bars, reusable menstrual cups, and reusable straws (bamboo, metal, and others). Look for your nearest shop which sells zero waste products and be surprised by-products you didn’t even know existed.

4. Use Reef-safe Sunscreen

spf sunscreen

Did you know that most sunscreens pollute the oceans and damage Coral Reefs? That doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing sunscreen, it just means that you should change to a reef-safe sunscreen when you are planning to go in the sea. You can also wear SPF-protected rash guards when spending too much time in the sun for extra protection; I do this all the time. Did you also know that some places have banned sunscreens that pollute the ocean? Like Palau, US Virgin Islands, and Aruba. Also, there are places that are in the process of doing so like Hawai, Key West, and Bonaire.

5. Support Causes and Businesses That Help the Ocean and the Environment

ecological shop

Look for organizations and local groups that have programs to help the ocean and become a donor. If it’s possible you can also volunteer with them. Also, look for a business that has environmentally friendly practices and supports them.

6. Recycle

How Can We Protect the Ocean

There are some countries that have national recycling programs run by their governments and accessible to their population. If you are not from one of these countries, look if there is any local organization where you live that provides recycling services. If still, this is not available to you, find ideas to give a second use to stuff and to reduce the waste you produce (like the ones given in his article).

7. Use Reusable Masks If Possible to You

washing mask

With the global pandemic going on now single-use masks have become very common. While it is understandable that disposable masks cannot be avoided by certain people, there are many of us that can use reusable masks instead or, at least, reduce the number of disposable masks we use. There are many reusable mask options available to choose from that are completely safe. Just make sure to wash them properly!

How can we protect the ocean? Let us know the other ways to protect our ocean in the comments!

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Written by Gabriela Farías

I'm a mexican girl who loves the ocean and loves to travel. Traveling and experiencing natural environments helps me with my gratefulness practice and it reminds me of being humble. We are all just a small dot on the planet, not to mention the universe, a planet we should cherish, protect, experience and love. My IG and my TikTok accounts are @gabrielaenjoyslife .

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