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How to Say Cheers in 23 Different Languages

how to say cheers in different languages

When we travel around the world, no matter where it is, we want to experience each culture deeply, right? We take a photo, buy traditional clothes, visit interesting places, and eat local delicious foods with tasty drinks. When we are with locals, toasting drinks and saying `Cheers! ‘ in local languages is a classic but important thing to show our friendship. That is why how to say cheers in different languages should be learned before we go abroad.

Here it is 23 countries. Let’s check the list of how to say cheers in 23 different languages! Before we start, don’t forget to click the music list on Spotify, we prepared for you, and enjoy!

1. In Afrikaans

Saying Cheers: Gesondheid   
Pronounced: Ge-sund-hate
It is not hard to say it, ha? Easy cheesy!

2. In Azerbaijani

Saying Cheers: Nuş olsun
Pronounced: Nush ohlsun
Hello my Azerbaijani friend!

3. How to Say Cheers In Brazilian

to say cheers in Brazilian
Rio Carnival the world’s most famous festival is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Saying Cheers: ¡Saúde!
Pronounced: Saw-OO-de
You will say ¡Saúde! in Rio Carnival a lot!

4. In Bulgarian

Saying Cheers: Nazdrave
Pronounced: Naz-drah-veh

5. In Chinese (Mandarin)

to say cheers in Chinese
The world’s most popular distilled beverage.

Saying Cheers: 干杯 / gān bēi
Pronounced: Gan bay    
Imagine, you and your friends are in China. At one of the bars, before you drink Baijiu everybody is saying “Gan bay”.

6. In Danish

Saying Cheers: Skål
Pronounced: Skol

7. In Finnish

Saying Cheers: Kippis!
Pronunciation: Kip-piss

8. In French

Saying Cheers: Santé! / À votre santé! 
Pronounced: Sahn-tay / Ah vo-tre sahn-tay
In Paris, you are on dating. You ordered a tasty red wine and waiting to say Sahn-tay and to start lovely night!

9. In German

Oktoberfest in Germany
Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival held in Munich

Saying Cheers: Prost
Pronounced: Prohst!
You preferred to use subway. You did not know there was a big football match, and it is too late to return. Hooligans screaming, drinking beer and they offered one more beer for you to say together Prohst!

10. In Greek

Saying Cheers: Υγεία / Yamas   
Pronounced: Ya-Mas

11. In Hawaiian 

Saying Cheers: Å’kålè ma’luna
Pronunciation: Okole maluna

12. In Italian

Saying Cheers: “Cin Cin” or “Salute”

13. How to Say Cheers In Japanese

to say cheers in Japanese
It is a Japanese national drink made from rice and grain powder.

Saying Cheers: 乾杯/ Kanpai  
Pronounced: Kan-pie
Where is my Sake?

14. In Korean

Saying Cheers: 건배  
Pronounced: Gun bae
When N. Korea and S. Korea come together, we will say Gun bae!

15. In Latvian

Saying Cheers: Priekā / Prosit    
Pronounced: Pree-eh-ka / Proh-sit
Don’t worry! After some shots, you can say easily, Pree-eh-ka / Proh-sit!

16. In Norwegian

Saying Cheers: Skål
Pronounced: Skol! 

17. In Russian

saying cheers in Russian
Saying ‘Будем здоровы’ before drinking a Vodka sounds the best!

Saying Cheers: Будем здоровы!
Pronunciation: BOOdym zdaROvy!  
YES! Vodka, please.

18. In Serbian

Saying Cheers: Živeli
Pronunciation: – Zhee-ve-lee

19. In Spanish

Saying Cheers: Salud
Pronounce: Sah-lud.
One of the fiestas, all guapas an bonitas, ¡Salud!

20. In Swedish

Saying Cheers: Skål
Pronounced: Skol! 

21. How to Say Cheers In Turkish

to say cheers in Turkish
An alcoholic traditional Turkish drink, usually flavored with anise seed, using suma obtained by distillation.

Saying Cheers: Şerefe!
Pronounced: shey-reh-FEY
You are sitting near the Bosphorus with your friends. Rakı was put, in the back Turkish art music and shey-reh-FEY!

22. In Vietnamese   

Saying Cheers: Dô / Vô / Một hai ba, yo (one, two, three, yo)
Pronunciation: – Jou / Dzo / Moat hi bah, yo

23. In Yiddish   

Saying Cheers: Sei gesund   
Pronunciation: – Say geh-sund

So, guys!
Right now, we have ideas about how to say cheers in different language, ha? Let’s take sit and wait to fly! We know this period will over and we will say “Cheers” in 23 different language, again!

What about other languages we didn’t mention.
Let’s write on comments “How to say cheers in different languages?” that you know!

Also guys, you can check “The Best Beers in Europe” to say cheers!

Written by Yunus Can

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