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How to Stay Healthy and Energized when Traveling Around the US

stay healthy while traveling

Frequent travelers are familiar with the exhausting rigors of traversing around the US. A single cross-country flight can drain your energy levels, and regular flights may also compromise your health, especially in the long run. Here are some tips on staying healthy and energized when traveling around the US.

Use Mobile IV Therapy for an Energy Boost

You can get mobile intravenous treatments around the country, and you can conveniently schedule them in advance. For example, organizing a mobile IV in Madison only requires choosing the desired therapy and completing a simple form.

There are many different IV treatment options to suit your specific needs, from an Energy Boost Blend to refresh after a long flight, a Recovery IV to refuel the body, or a Super-Immune blend formulated to help you fight off illnesses.

Try to Rest While on the Plane

It is often hard to have ideal conditions on the flight, but try to get some rest and sleep if possible. Some comforting tips for getting some valuable rest while sky-high can include the following:

  • Wear comfortable clothes during your flight
  • Wear a mask to avoid exposure to natural light
  • Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones are great for eliminating noise
  • Bring a neck pillow for added comfort

Protein Snacks

A study published in 2014 confirmed that high-protein snacks are a far better option than high-fat snacks. They promote satiety and assist in appetite control, making them a suitable choice when on the go. Not only can they increase energy, but provide a much healthier option. Seeds and nuts are wise choices for a quick burst of protein and energy, and a protein bar can come in handy when you are feeling hungry and need a boost between meals.

Bring Toothpaste and a Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is vital to mouth and gum health that should continue while traveling. You can find many convenient travel packaging options to bring toothpaste on your trip, and mini travel toothbrushes are an ideal addition to any travel bag. You will not only contribute to oral health, but you may also feel better after a long flight if your mouth feels fresh.

Consider Sticking to Your Routine as Much as Possible

Begin by choosing flight times that best fit your schedule. If possible, avoid late-night or early-morning flights, especially for short distances. The goal is to maintain a sleep schedule that’s as close to your regular rhythm as possible.

Remember other activities that are a part of your routine. If you eat at specific hours, aim to maintain that by ordering food on the plane or eating a suitable snack. And remember to stretch your legs on the plane. You can take a brief walk and even do some exercises in your seat to help prevent muscle soreness and tension.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration while flying is typically a result of a lack of moisture in the aircraft’s cabin. If the humidity in your surrounding area is reduced by 10% or more, you will lose more water hourly. That’s why staying hydrated is imperative. Try to aim to drink at least a cup of water per hour while on the plane.

In addition to drinking water, consider consuming chamomile tea or eating fruit rich in water, such as watermelon or berries. The important thing is to avoid drinking coffee or consuming alcohol. These are both diuretics, which only contribute to dehydration.

Final Thoughts

A long-term flight can be exhausting, but some tricks can help you stay energized. Getting great results with a mobile IV will only take minimal effort. Staying hydrated contributes to overall health while reducing the risk of experiencing headaches and other dehydration symptoms after arrival. Maintaining key aspects of your routine will promote your mood, ensure you handle the flight better, and prepare you to hit the ground running once landing at your destination!

Written by Alper Aydın

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